It seems not many Android Auto users have gotten their hands on the Coolwalk redesign

Android Auto Coolwalk details
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What you need to know

  • Many users have been unable to sign up for the Android Auto beta test for Coolwalk.
  • A small percent are in the beta but have not received the redesign in their cars.
  • A smaller percent have received the new Coolwalk UI.

We recently polled our readers to see how many of you are using the new Android Auto Coolwalk redesign. The update makes the UI more dynamic and intuitive, allowing certain cards to grow and shrink while enabling quick access to media recommendations and frequently used apps. It is also meant to fit better on displays of different sizes and orientations.

Out of nearly 3,000 votes, 77% say they have not been able to sign up for the Android Auto beta testing program to try Coolwalk. And out of the remaining who are part of the beta, only about half have received the Coolwalk update for their cars.

Users indicating if they have received the Android Auto Coolwalk update

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It seems that the update is only showing up on certain vehicle hardware, according to some users.

  • RS3: "It definitely makes a difference on the vehicle hardware. I have two Audi's, one MY20 and one MY22, the former has older infotainment tech and doesn't display the updated UI despite running off the same phone. Coolwalk has been working on the newer car for several weeks."
  • Astath: "Have enrolled to beta but despite all attempts new UI is not available on a VW MIB2 unit of a MY18 TRoc. Same mobile when connected to an aftermarket unit displays the new UI without issues."

The few that received the update seem to really enjoy it.

  • Archit Gupta: "It's much more practical to use than previous design. Doesn't feel like a beta, I haven't faced any issues. Really enjoyed it. Though I use a Samsung but on AA, it shows Google Dialer Icon."
  • Fernando: "Love it! I wish I could rearrange the screen according to my liking though. Maybe in a future update but so far it's a great start."

That said, not everyone is a fan of the update.

  • RS3: "To be honest I'm indifferent to the redesign. For me, it doesn't add much at all. Prefer map full screen. Vehicle steering wheel controls to work music. Update doesn't help with Spotify's utterly horrendous AA interface."
  • Jos: "I have the Coolwalk beta, for the most part I like it but it's not real useful on the Subaru 11.6 tiny AA screen, have to keep it in full screen mode at this point till Subaru gives us full screen."

If you want to give Coolwalk a try, you'll have to keep checking the testing program to see if there are any openings.

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