The Motorola Razr Plus gets a new update, but it's not the one I was hoping for

Motorola Razr+ back panel
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What you need to know

  • The Motorola Razr Plus receives a new software update with the September security patch.
  • The phone is expected to receive a new software feature present on the recently launched Razr (2023).
  • It's not yet clear when Motorola plans to release Android 14 to its phones.

Android 14 is currently rolling out to Pixel and Xiaomi phones, but among all the excitement around the new OS upgrade, Motorola is pushing a rather minor update for its flagship Razr Plus.

Owners of the Motorola Razr Plus should be receiving the latest security patch with a new update, rolling out now. The new build (version T1TZS33.3-62-25-1-7 on my U.S. unlocked model) comes with the September 2023 security patch, although, according to the changelog, you shouldn't expect anything beyond that.

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One feature I was hoping to see is the new Moto Unplugged, a feature that launched with the cheaper Razr (2023) that just launched in North America. This is something like Focus Mode found in Google's Digital Wellbeing, letting users block apps and notifications as a way to disconnect. Users can also set specific apps they can use within this mode to "tailor a break time to meet their individual needs," meaning they can allow certain calls, work apps, or music streaming services, depending on the situation.

It's not clear when exactly this feature is expected to arrive on the Razr Plus, but Motorola previously stated that it would be available "in the coming weeks," so it seems likely that we can expect another update soon.

Meanwhile, Motorola has been pretty consistent with its updates for the Razr Plus, which is a bit encouraging. The last update rolled out in late July/early August and brought the July security patch along with some bug fixes and stability improvements, so it seems Motorola is set on sticking to its promise of bi-monthly software updates, even if it's a little late. Still, it's not bad, and the Razr Plus is expected to receive updates until 2027.

We're also waiting to hear Motorola's plans for Android 14, although given its past release cadence, we're not holding our breath for a rollout any time soon.

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