Microsoft Edge on Android Canary now gives one-tap web page summaries with its AI tool

Summarize documents with Microsoft Copilot
(Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • The latest update for the Canary build of Microsoft Edge for Android is taking the company's AI-powered Copilot feature to the next level.
  • The upgrade embedded the Copilot button into the browser's bottom navigation bar.
  • This means users can use the AI tool to access one-tap summaries of web pages easily. 

Microsoft recently expanded its use of AI on the web with the company’s own ChatGPT-like function on Edge and Bing. But now, the latest Edge for Android Canary update takes the AI-powered Copilot feature to the next level. 

As first pointed out by the folks at WindowsLatest, the newest browser upgrade bakes Microsoft’s Copilot feature into the browser’s bottom navigation bar. This allows users to easily access the AI capability by tapping the Copilot button and quickly getting a summary of the web page.  

A screenshot of Microsoft Edge with the Copilot button now front and center on the bottom navigation bar.

(Image credit: MSPoweruser)

Further, the AI capability also allows you to communicate with the Copilot and ask questions to the AI tool beyond what’s included in the web page summary. 

While the browser’s desktop version is still compatible with Copilot, it requires you to activate the feature and then request a summary of the web page. But, thanks to the update, Edge’s mobile version on Android now simplifies this process by providing a one-click summarize option. 

The feature also extends to PDF files with the ability to summarize them the same way as web pages.

The company first debuted its Copilot feature, which is powered by OpenAI, to Edge and Bing earlier this year. The AI tool’s introduction to Microsoft’s array of web browsers came on the heels of — notably, just a day after — Google’s launch of its AI chat service, Bard, which is powered by a lightweight version of LaMDA. 

Microsoft’s introduction of the Copilot feature marked a milestone in the tech giant’s adoption of AI and gave the company a boost that allows it to compete with Google’s integration of AI. And now, thanks to the latest Edge upgrade, Microsoft’s AI tool — which is available can become even more prominent.