LG remembers its phones with the LG V50 ThinQ Android 12 update

LG V50
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What you need to know

  • The LG V50 ThinQ receives one final software update via Android 12.
  • The update sees improvements to the phones privacy options for its camera, microphone, and location.
  • This new update brings new functions for the phone to remove permissions and free up space.

LG bowed out of the smartphone game quite a while ago. However, the company isn't quite done supporting its existing phones as the LG V50 ThinQ receives the Android 12 update.

As reported by 9to5Google, the LG V50 ThinQ smartphone received, what is being looked at, as its "final major update" with Android 12. Verizon released the update on July 8th and the release saw some additions brought in for users' privacy. The device's camera and microphone received some additional privacy options by going into the phone's settings. The update also improves the phone's device location/permission settings.

The new Android 12 update sees the LG V50 ThinQ receiving a new function to remove existing permissions and free up space. The LG V50 had some similarities with its predecessor, the LG V40. LG also postured itself toward the foldable phone industry. The LG V50 could turn into a "foldable" phone via a specific case for the device. This would create another screen that would function like some of the best foldable phones. It's an interesting phone, even more so seeing as it came with five cameras.

LG has been slowly pushing out these Android 12 updates to its existing and no longer expanding cast of smartphones. Considering LG is no longer creating more smartphones for consumers, this is most likely one last hoorah for their devices.

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