Google's Gemini app finally expands to the UK and EU

Gemini comes to Canada
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What you need to know

  • Google's Gemini AI assistant app has overcome regulatory hurdles and is available for download in the UK and EU.
  • Despite a global launch announcement in May, Europe was initially excluded unless using third-party app stores.
  • That said, switching to Gemini replaces Google Assistant as the primary assistant, disabling some of Google Assistant’s functionalities.

Google's advanced AI assistant app, Gemini, appears to have overcome initial regulatory hurdles and is now available for download in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Despite initial announcements of a global launch in early May, Google's rollout of its Gemini app bypassed the European region unless you turned to third-party app stores. This delay, likely due to regulatory considerations, has now been addressed.

Now, the Gemini app has begun a phased rollout across the European continent, following its February debut in the United States, broadening its user base beyond its initial domestic launch (via Android Police).

This means millions more users can now use Gemini on the fly. Additionally, Google Pixel users are able to seamlessly switch from the standard Google Assistant to Gemini, enabling voice activation through the familiar "Hey Google" prompt.

While Gemini offers a compelling alternative to Assistant, it's important to note that currently, only one assistant can be your primary choice. Switching to Gemini will disable some functionalities previously handled by Assistant.

While Gemini excels at handling mobile tasks with improved context-awareness, it currently doesn't support smart home integration. Users who rely on Assistant for this should proceed cautiously and stick to using Gemini for web-based tasks for the time being. A future update may hopefully bring smart home compatibility.

The delayed European launch of Gemini mirrors the rollout strategy of its predecessor, Bard. Similar regulatory concerns about user privacy likely required a staggered release schedule for Bard in the EU.

Google plans to enhance accessibility by integrating Gemini directly into the official Google app for iOS in the coming weeks. This means iPhone users won't need to download a separate app, making it easier to access Gemini on a platform familiar to many mobile users.

The broader availability of the app signifies Google's embrace of the generative AI era, marking a strategic shift towards integrating AI functionalities across various product lines. This includes the launch of Gemini-powered Chromebook laptops, highlighting Google's dedication to a future where AI is central to user experiences.

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