Google Wallet rolls out widely for Android and Wear OS devices

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Update (July 20, 3:45 pm ET): Google confirms Wallet rollout on Android, Wear OS.

What you need to know

  • Google has started rolling out its new Wallet app.
  • This app is available as an update to the "old" Google Pay app.
  • Google is looking to help people be rid of their "physical wallet."

After announcing Google Wallet back at Google I/O, the search giant finally came come through with its next digital payment update.

The app was spotted by 9to5Google, who notes that it's arriving as an update to the "old" Google Pay app. As discussed during I/O 2022, Google is looking to shift into a more "comprehensive digital wallet." Google Wallet is designed for not only storing your payment cards but digital IDs, car keys, transit passes, hotel keys, concert tickets, and more.

The update will display your digital payment cards in a carousel at the top for easy viewing. Any passes that a person may have will show beneath. You will also be able to tap "Add to Wallet," which will provide you with different payment options from transit passes to gift cards and more.

There's also a card that helps you set up Gmail integration so Google Wallet can automatically add cards associated with your email.

If you live in the U.S., you've likely ditched the old Google Pay app for the newer version. The "old" app is the one still used by most countries, marked with "GPay" as its app icon as opposed to the multi-colored icon found on the new app. However, this new Wallet app will work in unison with the new Google Pay (or "GPay") app. Yeah, it's a little confusing.

It is also worth noting that Google Pay will still be the service that gets you through your transactions. This new Wallet update will serve as a way for people to rid themselves of their "physical wallet." Consolidating all of your payment options, IDs, and passes in one place is what Google is looking to provide and eventually expand on.

This new update is slowly rolling out and may not currently be available for some users. That said, if you're impatient, you can download the update via APK Mirror, which worked just fine for us.

The U.S. and a few other countries will retain the separate Google Pay app, while other countries on the old version of the app will be updated to Google Wallet. For the few countries with access to both apps, there are some differences in their purpose and what they can do for you.

The rollout comes weeks after the new Samsung Wallet update rolled out to Galaxy smartphones in certain regions.


Google Wallet on Wear OS

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After Google Wallet started appearing for some users, Google has finally confirmed that the digital wallet app is rollout out for Android devices. It will be available on the Play Store for users in the U.S. and Singapore and will coexist with the new Pay app. At the same time, most other regions will be automatically updated to the new Wallet experience from the existing Pay app.

The update has also arrived on Wear OS devices as an update to Google Pay. Google also teases "more functionality and features" for Wallet on Wear OS later this year and plans to expand support to more countries. 

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