Google improves the search experience on Gmail and Chat

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What you need to know

  • Google is introducing three new features coming for Chat and Gmail for web and mobile users.
  • The features aim to improve the search experience for users looking for important emails, files, or messages.
  • Search suggestions for Google Chat are available now for Android devices with iOS receiving it by the end of October.
  • Gmail labels are available on Android and iOS while the related searches are only on the web.

Google is introducing its improved search experience for Chat and Gmail on web and mobile devices.

According to Google's Workspace update post, Chat and Gmail will begin receiving a reworked search experience with a focus on customization and accuracy. Google is bringing in three new features beginning with search suggestions.

For Google Chat, users will soon see search-query suggestions in the service's search bar. The company sees this as a way of providing important messages, files, and more for users on their mobile devices quickly.

Google Chat's search suggestions new feature being shown in Chat's search bar.

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On the Gmail side of things, Google is bringing in a new way for users to search using Gmail labels. Users will now be able to search for emails within a specific label, allowing them to better hone in on their search. Users will additionally have the option of using search chips in the Gmail search bar to refine their label searches even more.

Gmail's new feature where users can specify labels through search.

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Lastly, Google is implementing a new feature that will ensure mail searches always return a result even if a specific query turned up empty. For those searches in Gmail, Google is pulling up related results to sort of help you out and aid in finding what you might be looking for.

Search suggestions through Google Chat are available now for Android devices. The feature will roll out to iOS devices completely by the end of October. Gmail labels are available now on Android and iOS, while the related results function is only available on the web.

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