Google Play system's September update makes it easier to share Android tablets with kids

Google Play Store on OnePlus 9
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What you need to know

  • Google has unveiled all the changes included in the September 2022 update for the Google Play system.
  • It allows you to hide recommended apps when setting up Google Kids Space.
  • The update also improves account syncing and account recovery for Android Auto, phones, TVs, and Wear OS.

Google's September 2022 update for Google Play system is here with a ton of changes, chief of which are a handful of Google Kids Space improvements.

The latest Google Play system update allows you to hide recommended apps when setting up Google Kids Space. It's not clear what apps will be concealed, though. You'll also be able to install Google Kids Space on a secondary user account on many of the best Android tablets. This should make it easier to share a tablet with children through Android's multi-user support.

Google has also improved account syncing and account recovery across Android Auto, smartphones, Android TV, and Wear OS. These changes arrived as part of Google Play services v35.22, which rolls out today.

There's a plethora of goodies for Google Play Store as well, including improvements for the Play-as-you-download feature, Google Play billing, and Play Protect. It has also made the download and installation process faster and more reliable.

Furthermore, there are new features meant for better app and game discovery, as well as new features for the Play Pass and Play Points programs. Lastly, Google has added performance optimizations, bug fixes, and improvements to security, stability and accessibility.

It's a safe bet that Google will make more changes later this month, as the Play system changelog is typically updated several times per month. It should be noted, however, that these updates are being rolled out in stages, so you may not see the most recent improvements on your device right away.

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