Google's At a Glance widget finally picks up a long-awaited rideshare status feature

At A Glance widget on Google Pixel 6
(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Pixel At a Glance widget now displays your rideshare details.
  • A new "Ridesharing" toggle in the At a Glance settings menu is now available, allowing you to check the status of your ride.
  • The feature only supports Uber and Lyft for the time being.

Google has finally expanded the capabilities of its At a Glance widget for Pixel phones with a new option to see how far your Uber or Lyft ride is from your pickup location right on the lock screen.

This feature was first spotted by 9to5Google in July of last year, and now the same source says you can start tracking the status of your ride. 9to5 reports that a "Ridesharing" toggle has gone live in the main At a Glance settings menu.

Once you have enabled this feature, the next time you book a rideshare, the At a Glance widget will show you how far away your driver is. This detail will show up on the phone's lock screen and at the top of the Pixel Launcher. At the moment, only Uber and Lyft are supported, but it's a safe bet that other ridesharing services will be added in the future.

Pixel At a Glance rideshare toggle

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

According to 9to5, the feature is gradually being rolled out to users, as it is only available on one of the Pixel phones they tested.

The ridesharing feature in the Pixel At a Glance widget is a convenient way to keep track of your rideshare status. This information can be helpful if you're trying to plan your day or if you're just curious about how long it will take for your ride to arrive.

It's a handy addition to the widget's suite of capabilities, providing you with a wealth of information at a glance. It can already show you doorbell alerts, weather information, and your upcoming events, which is a great way to stay on top of your schedule and make sure you don't miss anything important.

Last November, the widget was updated to display your food and package delivery status. In the future, the widget could warn you about dangerously loud sounds or show airplane arrival schedules when you're near an airport, as per previous rumors.

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  • fuzzylumpkin
    Mostly off-topic, I wonder if we will ever stop referring to businesses like Uber as "ride sharing" services. It was a clever enough scam to get around taxi laws, but I doubt anyone was ever dumb enough to buy into it.