Google Pixel's At a Glance widget may soon make tracking your Uber status a breeze

The Pixel 6 Pro At a Glance widget displaying connected devices
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What you need to know

  • Google appears to be working on a few additions to the Pixel phone's At a Glance widget.
  • It may soon display your Uber ride or food delivery status right from the lock screen.
  • The improvements could arrive as part of the upcoming Android 13 release.

The Pixel phone's "At a Glance" widget is a handy tool for checking your flight status, meeting reminders, and smart home device alerts, among others, right from your home or lock screen. Google could soon take the widget's usability a step further with a couple of new enhancements.

According to 9to5Google, Google is preparing a few capabilities for the Pixel's At a Glance widget that will make it easier to track the status of your Uber ride or food delivery. This has been spotted in the latest version of Android System Intelligence (ASI), which powers At a Glance.

The widget appears to be adding a new feature that allows you to check the status of your rideshare reservations directly from the home or lock screen. Uber and Lyft are among the supported services, but it's a safe bet that other ridesharing apps will join in once the feature is available.

You may also track the arrival status of your food delivery in the future, as indicated by a string of codes found in ASI. Doordash might be one of the compatible services at launch, with more food delivery services potentially coming onboard later. This isn't the first time the feature surfaced: 9to5 also spotted a similar piece of evidence back in April.

Mishaal Rahman from Esper also chimed in to provide a screenshot of these upcoming At a Glance features via Twitter.

Google Pixel's At a Glance widget settings showing various toggles

(Image credit: Mishaal Rahman / Twitter)

Another handy widget toggle discovered by Rahman is the ability to view timer information you've set via some of the best smart displays and speakers linked to your Google account. We've seen this synchronization in detail a few days ago, lending credence to these new findings.

While these additional toggles are neither live nor functional yet, we should expect to see them make their debut as part of the Android 13 stable release a few months from now.

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