Google Pay adds new features to make online shopping less of a nightmare

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What you need to know

  • Google Pay now lets you see your credit card benefits directly in the checkout process on Chrome, helping you choose the best card based on perks like cash back or travel points.
  • The service is also broadening its BNPL options with Affirm and Zip, allowing you to pay in installments on more websites.
  • Instead of typing in security codes, Chrome and Android users can confirm their card details using biometric methods like fingerprints or facial recognition.

Google Pay has rolled out a bunch of new features, like viewing card benefits at checkout, using "buy now, pay later" options on more websites, and securing card details with biometrics or a PIN instead of security codes.

Google mentioned in a blog post that it's easy to forget which credit card to use since different cards offer different perks. Some might give you benefits for travel, while others are better for dining or cash back.

Now, when you pick a payment method in Chrome on your desktop, a drop-down menu will pop up. It lists your cards and now includes a handy description of benefits, such as the cash back percentage or point multipliers for specific categories like travel.

Google Pay showing card benefits upon checkout

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When you check out, a card might show perks like "1.5% cash back on purchases" or "3x points on flights." For the time being, this feature is only available for American Express and Capital One cards and works exclusively on the Chrome desktop browser.

Additionally, Google Pay is extending its buy now, pay later (BNPL) feature to more websites. You can select a third-party provider like Affirm or Zip to split your payment into installments. But be cautious—missing payments can lead to collection actions or damage your credit score.

Lastly, Google is simplifying the process of confirming your card without needing the security code. Now, Chrome and Android users can verify their card details using the same method they use to unlock their Android phones—be it a fingerprint, face scan, or screen lock PIN. Users can also set up an option that requires them to unlock their device before their card details are displayed.

Google Pay autofill verification

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These updates aim to improve how consumers use Google Pay, making it a more appealing choice compared to other payment methods, like those built into retailers' systems.

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  • tube517
    Huh? I thought Google Pay is going away on June 4. LOL. Typical Google
  • LeviTaylor
    Google Pay's new features aim to streamline online shopping, offering a smoother experience. With enhancements like improved checkout processes and easier navigation, users can expect a more seamless transaction journey. These updates are a welcome relief, reducing the hassles often associated with online purchases.