Google Meet adds account switching to eaily separate your work and personal life

Google Meet Interface
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What you need to know

  • Google Meet rolls out an update to switch between work and personal accounts.
  • Users will find an account switch which displays their Google One status while also being able to swipe your icon to switch between accounts or tap for a list.
  • The update also includes a new navigational drawer found at the top left of the app.

Google is beginning to roll out an update for Meet alongside a change to the menu found within the search bar. In another effort to include more ways of separating our private and personal lives, Google Meet's latest update will allow users to swap between business and casual accounts.

According to 9to5Google, users can tap their account icon to bring up a menu that will list accounts available to switch to or add. This short menu will also display your Google One status if you are subscribed. Additionally, this update will allow users to swipe their profile icon for easy switching between different accounts.

Along with this update, Meet receives a new navigational drawer found by tapping the hamburger menu in the search bar. This new menu shows users options such as Privacy in Meet, Settings, and a help page. The settings offered have also been touched up, showing users the account they're signed into at the top of the list.

To get into your account, users will need to first tap "Calling Settings" and then "Calling Account" to handle anything of interest there.

The addition of a navigation drawer follows other Google apps that have adopted a similar layout. Google Messages rolled out a similar UI change for some users with some changes to the menu and new features.

The urge to give users a way to separate their work and private lives through Meet comes after its merger with Duo. In early August, Meet and Duo were made one as the merger began its rollout, with its conclusion for all users set in September. Google was interested in bringing all of the video calling features of Duo into Meet, creating the only video calling app Android users would ever need for work and casual calls instead of separating them into two.

That separation of work/personal time was also touched on with Google's upcoming update to its work profiles on Android 13. Google aims to provide users with a smoother experience and refined menus to make it easier to keep work jargon out of their faces when using their personal accounts on their Android 13 devices.

The update will also bring improvements for businesses that offer a device to their employees for use. Improving the Android Management API allows the Android Enterprise team to create better features for updates so a company's IT department can better manage those company-owned devices.

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