Gmail is making it easier to track packages in time for the holidays

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What you need to know

  • Google is rolling out updates for Gmail that will boost a delayed package's information to the top of the email list if the tracking feature is enabled.
  • Partnered with this, Google will now show a link to a store's return policy whenever available above a package's "delivered" email information.
  • Google Search now lets users search for products that can be delivered by December 24 for an easier last-minute shopping experience.

The holidays have arrived and the clock is ticking for Christmas shopping, prompting Google to detail new tools to help make things easier.

As highlighted in a Keyword post, Google is drawing awareness to its package tracking feature, enabled within Gmail's settings. Though the feature arrived late last year, the company's latest updates are to help further its usefulness for users.

According to Google, an email with tracking information for a package will be bumped to the top of your list if the delivery date has changed. The company mentioned it would "proactively" show when a package is delayed last year, but boosting it to the top of the email list now will help with awareness.

On top of this, Google is implementing an easier way for consumers to find the return policy for a gift or order. Alongside your "package delivered" message, Gmail will now show a "view return policy" option beside the "view order" link. Tapping or clicking will send users over to the seller's return policy guidelines if such information is available for the app to grab.

Google states this is rolling out for desktop and mobile users in the U.S.

Lastly, Search is snagging an update this week that lets users filter products that are available to arrive by December 24. When filtering, the company adds users should see a "Get it by Dec 24" currently with a "Get it fast" appearing during other gift-worthy moments in the year moving forward.

Google Search now lets users filter for products that can be delivered before Christmas or "fast."

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Selecting one for the holiday rush will only display items that fit your criteria, requiring that a seller is quick to ship. Additionally, users will be shown the seller's "cheapest" on-time delivery information and any stores near your location that could have it in stock as an alternative.

Shopping through Google has been consistently refined late in 2023 as the latest updates to Gmail and Search join a new tool for hunting deals. Detailed early in November, users can type "shop deals" in Search and be taken to a dedicated page packed full of notable deals for tech, clothes, and beauty products.

However, users can be specific and narrow their range by typing "shop sneaker deals" or "shop phone deals."

Google Search will only display items that fit your specific parameters, detailing big box stores, luxury brands, local stores, and more from a variety of sources that could have what you need. The company also plugged a new coupon tool into Chrome, which can help users discover some additional deals when browsing product pages.

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