Google debuts 'Gemini in Android Studio' with a template for gen AI features

Gemini comes to Canada
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What you need to know

  • Google has announced the debut of "Gemini in Android Studio," which removes the old "Studio Bot" in favor of more AI.
  • Through Android Studio Jellyfish (preview version), users can text with Gemini, asking it for tips on coding and more.
  • Google has included a Generative AI start-up template based on Gemini's API so users can quickly add AI-powered app features.

Google is moving ahead with its "next chapter" of the Gemini era by introducing the AI's Pro model in Android Studio.

As detailed in a press release, Android Studio supports Google's Gemini 1.0 Pro model. Gemini has taken over the old "Studio Bot" that developers found during the platform's introduction in 2023. The company states that AI should help app developers create their products "faster" and "easier." Those developing apps through Android Studio will find a host of features, beginning with "Ask Gemini."

Google states Gemini can understand "natural language" from users' text queries. A chat window will be available to developers so they can type their questions to Gemini. The company adds that you can ask questions such as "how do I add camera support to my app?" and "What's the best way to get location on Android?"

The article states that Gemini will remember what users have asked, opening up the possibility of asking follow-up questions.

Google Gemini in Android Studio lets developers ask the AI questions for coding assistance.

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AI-powered code "completions" is another feature Gemini brings to the table. The AI is said to offer ideas on how developers can complete "multi-line" pieces of code. Additionally, users should also discover suggestions for code comments and ways to add documentation to their strings of code.

Gemini in Android Studio comes packed with its own "Generative AI app" starter template. This template is based on the Gemini model's API so users can quickly plug AI-powered features into their apps. The API supports image and text inputs alongside summarization, translation, and more capabilities.

Google states those interested can find this API template in the Canary release channel for Android Studio. Head over to File > New Project > Gemini API Starter to get going.

Users can gain coding suggestions, courtesy of the Gemini Pro model, in Android Studio.

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Privacy is a talking point with AI, and Google states Gemini in Android Studio was designed to keep your code between you and the bot during that session. It states that "by default," Gemini's responses are based on your conversation history with it. Users are given the choice of whether or not they'd like to submit additional information for "customized responses."

Moreover, Gemini in Android Studio is only available after developers log into their accounts and enable it. Google reiterates that it will continue to stick with its AI Principles to ensure user safety with its software.

Gemini is available beginning today (Apr. 8) in its Android Studio Jellyfish preview version in over 180 countries. Google reiterates that developers can utilize these tools at no cost, however, that will change at some point in the future.

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