Google teases the launch of its Find My Device network for Android

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What you need to know

  • Google has seemingly teased the launch date for its new "Find My Device" network as users have reportedly started receiving emails.
  • The company states it will begin rolling out its new network in "three days," placing us on Sunday (Apr. 7) or the more likely option Monday (Apr. 8).
  • Another report states that Google Play Service beta testers started receiving the new Find My Device settings, potentially doubling down on their upcoming launch.

It looks like Google is finally nearing the launch of its "Find My Device" network, which will let users find a slew of devices and bring more personal security.

According to 9to5Google, the company started sending a wave of emails to users informing them about the impending launch of its Find My Device network. The email states the network will launch "in three days." Such a date would put us on Sunday (Apr. 7), but speculation sides with the more likely Monday (Apr. 8) timeframe.

Google also explained to users what they can expect from the new network, like being "able to locate your devices even if they’re offline." The email adds that any Fast Pair capable devices can be rediscovered while offline, including earbuds, headphones, and Bluetooth trackers for your accessories.

Additionally, users were allowed to opt out of Google's upcoming device network. Doing so removes any of your devices from the network, leaving them available for rediscovery when they're online only.

The publication states there's a possibility that the email was sent "erroneously
as rumors suggest Google will wait to activate its network alongside Apple. This could happen during the rollout of iOS 17.5 in May.

Elsewhere, the publication spotted Google's Find My Device network settings appearing for those who received the latest Play Services beta update. The page came with the following network options: off, "without network," "with network in high-traffic areas only," and "with network in all areas."

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The settings back that Google Play Service beta testers have reportedly received look similar to a leak last July. The leak highlighted information about a few of the options, such as "without network." Supposedly, that option would ditch the network but would "retain data about the device's last location when it was online."

Since July, we've been waiting for Google to enable Android's new Find My Device network after it announced its delay. The delay was on Apple's side as the company was still waiting to finalize the necessary measures for native tracker support. That's where this bigger narrative comes into play as Google and Apple teamed up to tackle unwanted location tracking.

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  • kolyan2k
    Should be either 1 network ideally or 2 networks, Android and Apple. But of course they will have Apple, Android, Samsung, and all others.....and none will work with each other
  • spARTacus
    Hmmm. I think I assumed Android/Google has always had a find my device function/feature, similar to what Apple and Samsung have. Guess that shows how much I've ever tried to use it.