It looks like 'Goals' are next on the Google Calendar chopping block

Google Calendar on desktop
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What you need to know

  • Google seems to be removing 'Goals' from Calendar.
  • With the update slowly rolling out, Google will soon recommend that users create recurring events for their goals instead.
  • This is likely the latest effort by Google to turn its Calendar app into a Workspace-oriented tool.

Another removal seems to be on Google's radar as it looks to do away with "Goals" in the Calendar app.

According to 9toGoogle, a new string in Calendar's latest update (2022.30.2) states, "Goals is leaving Calendar soon." Apparently, users will "still see goals you've created on your calendar, but they won't repeat anymore." It seems the company will soon recommend that users instead create a recurring event for their would-be goals.

The Goals feature allows you to organize and set recurring tasks for yourself. Right now, you'll find Goals listed with other options such as "Event," "Reminder," and "Task" when trying to create a new calendar entry. Tapping this option provides you with a few options, such as exercising goals or spending time with family. Google Calendar would then try and grasp how you operate by asking how often you would like to perform a task and for how long. Google Calendar also provides the option of creating a custom goal in case the options there do not fit user needs.

With the update slowly rolling out to Android phones, it's not the first time Google's made a removal that dealt with its user's personal reminders. Recently, Google Assistant "Reminders" lost the ability to set reminders based on location. This was a useful tool for those who'd travel somewhere and needed to be reminded of their tasks — say, for work. 9to5 says this update continues Google's prep work to transition from Reminders to Tasks in Calendar. Google has yet to comment on this change, but, as 9to5Google suggests, Calendar is slowly moving toward a more work-oriented product.

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