Gmail's new update means your search results will be more relevant

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What you need to know

  • Google has improved your search experience in Gmail on the web with more contextual results.
  • You can also now easily share Docs, Sheets, or Slides files with Meet call attendees through in-meeting chat.
  • The pivot table editor side panel can also now be resized when creating or editing a pivot table in Sheets.

Last year, Gmail's search experience went through a number of improvements that would allow you to sort emails by sender or time frame, making it easier to dig up old emails without breaking a sweat. Now, the email client has rolled out a new update on the web that should make your search results more relevant.

Google announced in a Workspace blog post that Gmail now analyzes your past queries in order to improve the way it returns information when you search for something in your inbox. This means Gmail's search results will be more contextual and relevant to your query.

This functionality was unveiled last month for both Gmail and Chat. A mobile version of the feature was also teased, though it has yet to make its way to everyone.

Gmail lets you search faster by recommending search terms as you type your key words. These search terms rely on information from your messages, contacts, labels, or past searches. Filters can also be used to narrow down your search results.

In addition, you can now share Docs, Sheets, or Slides files with Google Meet call participants through in-meeting chat. This feature was announced earlier this year. You'll have the option to grant everyone access to your presentation or limit it to certain attendees. You can also collaborate on the file while the call is taking place.

Lastly, you can now resize pivot tables in Sheets. Google says this is a requested feature, allowing users to adjust the pivot table editor side panel size when creating or editing a pivot table. This comes in handy when you want to display the lengthy names of columns or fields in full.

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