Google adds useful Assistant feature to Gemini

The Google Gemini app
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What you need to know

  • Google released Gemini as an alternative to Google Assistant, but the AI-based helper lacks some crucial voice assistant features.
  • Now, you can set reminders through Gemini using the Assistant extension. 
  • Gemini still cannot set reminders natively, and lacks some key voice assistant features altogether. 

Google is going all-in on Gemini, and there are plenty of signs that indicate the company sees Gemini as an eventual replacement for Google Assistant. The only problem is that the current Gemini app is without critical voice assistant features, and users have to choose between Gemini or Assistant.

However, Google is steadily improving Gemini, and it just added a useful Assistant feature to the app. Gemini can now set reminders on Android, as spotted by a Redditor in the Google Pixel subreddit (via Android Police). At least, it sort of can.

If you ask the Gemini app to set a reminder on Android, it will automatically load a Google Assistant extension within the Gemini window. Then, the given reminder will be created in Google Tasks. The user will finally have the option to open the Google Tasks app to make more changes.

Reminders in the Gemini app.

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While it's hard to call this implementation of reminders in Gemini native, it does work. Google could follow a similar method for adding other Assistant-based tasks to Gemini, using the Assistant extension. Currently, some of the biggest missing features in Gemini are media playback queries and support for Google Assistant routines. 

It's likely only a matter of time before Gemini gains more voice assistant functionality, but that means Gemini and Assistant are in a complicated place right now. It's even more complicated because Google is testing out numerous features in varying regions. The experience of using Gemini on one device in one region could be vastly different than others. 

In fact, not all Android users seem to be able to set reminders with Gemini as of now. It could be part of a server-side rollout, so users might have to wait before making use of the added functionality. There are also reports that Gemini is replacing the Assistant app entirely for some users in some regions — either after fresh installs or app updates. 

These changes come after Google pledged to improve Gemini swiftly and respond directly to user feedback. In the time since the company made that promise, it has already shipped a slew of updates and feature additions

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