New Facebook test lets users create multiple profiles tied to their account

Facebook logo on Pixel 6 Pro
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What you need to know

  • Facebook has begun testing a way to allow users to create additional profiles.
  • These profiles will be tied to a user's original account but will not need to have a real name.
  • Meta may look at this new feature as a source of attractiveness, encouraging more engagement with the platform.

Facebook announced that it is moving into the testing phase of a new account feature. Users of the social media platform may be able to create multiple profiles if the testing is positive.

Meta, the company behind Facebook, aims for this new test to allow users to create five additional profiles tied to their original account. This new feature is designed "to help people tailor their experience based on interests and relationships," a Meta spokesperson said in an email to TechCrunch. "We're testing a new way for people to have more than one profile tied to a single Facebook account." Meta may be curious whether this new test will assist users with engaging more with the site and others who use it.

However, should someone make another profile, they must still adhere to Facebook's guidelines. TechCrunch informs, "if you receive a violation on an additional profile, it will impact your account as a whole." This could be seen as an effort to ensure internet trolls can't create multiple profiles to grief others and get away with it. Another part of this new feature is that Facebook will not require a user to use their real name on another profile. Each extra profile tied to their account can thus have its own name.

It does look like Facebook is placing a limiter on these additional profiles. The platform will not allow these other profiles to "manage a Page" or participate in Facebook Dating.

Giving users more control over their Facebook accounts and experience seems to be creeping up more and more for the social media platform. Meta has already removed the Quest 2  Facebook account requirement. Meta has also been busy implementing new tests for Instagram's creators and implementing new safety features for teens.

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