Facebook Groups adds Reels and more ways to express yourself in a community

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What you need to know

  • Meta introduces several new features coming for Facebook Groups.
  • Community groups gain Reels and the ability to post a community event on a user's Instagram account.
  • Community can also assume roles and receive contributor badges to show off with their updated group profile.
  • Admins also gain notable updates that assist with moderation and preventing harmful content.

During the Facebook Communities Summit, the social media platform detailed new features coming for Facebook Groups.

According to Facebook's official blog post, there are several new ways the Meta-owned platform is looking to drive further community engagement through Facebook Groups.

The additions begin with Reels in Groups. This new feature is aimed at helping users express their voices in their communities through "creative and immersive" videos. Group admins and members will gain the ability to add creative pieces such as audio, text overlay, and filters on top of their videos before sharing them with their community's group.

Facebook Group's new way of sharing a community event on a user's Instagram.

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Another new feature is the ability to share a public Facebook event for your community to your Instagram story. Meta is also testing updates to your Group Profile for Facebook, which is designed to make it easier to create community relationships and connect with others.

Additional features within this testing phase include the ability to customize your About Me and an indicator on your profile to let others know if you're open for messaging or not.

Admins of Facebook Groups are in for some new tools as Facebook is bringing in curated experiences to allow them to build out a group's culture. This begins with community contributions, a new feature in testing that admins can use to highlight top contributing members. These top members can earn points by taking on a specific role in the community. These points will then turn into badges to feature on their group profiles to stand out in the community.

A new role that's being tested is "Socializer." A person with this title is one who makes others feel welcome and connected within the community.

We're also gaining an update on their previously mentioned Admin Assist. This feature has evolved during development and will include additional treatments for false information in a community. An admin will have the option to set the assist to automatically move posts that may contain false information. These posts will be marked as "pending" so the admin can look at them before deciding what to do.

Daily Digest offers a group's admin a daily summary of actions it's taken in the community based on the ruleset provided. Meta is testing an extension within its Flagged by Facebook feature. This new extension should give admins additional context about content that may have been flagged as harmful. It should also help to discern whether or not a comment made is truly offensive.

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