Branch strikes twice with Nova Launcher and Sesame Search acquisition

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What you need to know

  • Branch acquires both Nova Launcher and Sesame Search.
  • Nova Launcher's creator's experience will continue to show through the app as it's acquired by Branch.
  • Branch looks to solve issues with "app discovery and navigation" with its dual acquisition.

User engagement platform Branch struck twice today with its acquisition of two big names in Android customization — Nova Launcher and Sesame Search.

Kevin Barry, the creator of Nova Launcher, addressed his community regarding Branch's acquisition of the company, going into greater detail about what Branch is eyeing with this move. He touched on four points in particular, including research, development, expertise, and feedback. 

On the research side, Barry said that Branch is looking to "fix the mobile app discovery and navigation problem, which is no easy task." Branch finds success in helping build platforms, and trying to find the key to creating a better mobile app discovery and navigation is where this acquisition of Nova Launcher and Sesame Search comes in. 

Known for being transparent with the Nova community, Barry also spoke about his more than a decade's worth of experience and knowledge of Android. He assured his community that he would continue to work on Nova Launcher "in the same manner I've worked on it in the past."

Nova Launcher is one of the best Android launchers available, and it can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store and can alter how you interact with your phone's interface. It works on all modern Android phones, from budget devices to the most feature-rich flagships.

Somewhat complementary to Nova Launcher, Sesame Search works to create app shortcuts and search functions for Android. Notably, both of these companies have worked together previously as Nova integrated Sesame into their builds.

Even as a power Android user, you'd be forgiven if you've never heard of Branch. The company is a SaaS, or software as a service provider, and it specializes in helping app developers grow their platform and better engage with their customers. Specifically, it assists developers in "managing and measuring deep links" in their applications. The example given by Kevin Barry is this: "when you click a link in an email or on social media that opens into an app, it's probably a Branch link." Branch hopes to address the issues it sees in Android and is looking to tap Nova Launcher and Sesame Search to help fix those issues.

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