Bing AI arrives on Google Chrome but leaves something to be desired

Select Resizable window for Bing app on Chromebook
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has rolled out Bing AI on Chrome, but users will face a limited five-message cap for conversations with the AI.
  • Chrome users will also face a 2,000-character message limit, which is half of Edge's 4,000 limit.
  • Microsoft is planning on releasing Bing AI on more browsers, including Apple's Safari, as the week moves on.

Google's AI competitor has arrived on its own browser but it's a little lighter than we're used to seeing.

According to Windows Latest, ChatGPT-4-powered Bing AI has arrived on Google Chrome. Apparently, some early testing has shown Bing AI is only displaying five messages per inquiry or "conversation," as opposed to the 30 messages Microsoft Edge users can experience. Additionally, users on Chrome have a 2,000-character limit per message as opposed to Edge's 4,000.

While some users running Microsoft 11 and 10 might start seeing their OS alert them to Bing AI's existence on Chrome, the page itself is pushing people to utilize Edge.

As Windows Latest notes, a small pop-up appears persistently, encouraging users to learn about the AI software. Clicking "Chat Now" will open up Microsft Edge so users can enjoy the AI technology in full, without these unfortunate limitations.

The splash page users are taken to detail some expanded benefits such as longer conversations, chat history, and "more."

Bing AI on Chrome supports dark and light-themed modes, as well. Lastly, it looks like Microsoft is beginning to roll out its AI software to other browsers such as Apple's Safari, too.

It's not that surprising that Microsft is trying to shift people over from Google to their Edge browser and, as a result, to ChatGPT's AI software. Microsoft upgraded Bing and Edge with ChatGPT in response to Google announcing it was creating Bard for Search — even though Bard was in response to OpenAI's ChatGPT in the first place.

Since integrating with Bing and Edge, Microsoft stated the AI software could provide "more relevant results" and its new sidebar would help that along. The company was interested in "fundamentally changing" search with the use of ChatGPT in Bing as this is an area the engine has fallen behind Google on.

Moreover, those on Edge can use the experimental Google Bard AI chatbot without facing such limitations. It'll be interesting to see if Google decides to switch things up considering Microsft has offered a limited, "lighter" version of Bing AI for those on Chrome.

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