ASUS reveals its Android 13 rollout schedule for the ROG Phone and Zenfone series

ASUS ROG Phone 6D Ultimate vs. ROG Phone 6 Pro
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What you need to know

  • ASUS, ROG reveals its Android 13 rollout schedule for select devices.
  • The ASUS Zenfone 9 will begin receiving the new OS in December 2022 while the Zenfone 8 series waits until January 2023.
  • The ROG Phone 6D Ultimate and 6D will receive Android 13 in Q1 2023 along with the Phone 6 and 6 Pro.
  • Owners of a ROG Phone 5 and 5s series will have to wait until Q2 2023.

ASUS has announced its schedule for updating its latest Zenfone and ROG Phone devices to Android 13.

According to a tweet by ASUS, the company will begin its Android 13 rollout for its Zenfone 9 quite soon. The Taiwanese OEM stated on Twitter that owners of the Zenfone 9 should begin receiving Android 13 starting in December 2022. The latest OS also extends to the Zenfone 8 series, which will begin its update rollout in January 2023.

ASUS also revealed its plans to update the ROG Phone series, the phones that fall under the company's gamer-focused devices and are among the best gaming phones money can buy.

The new ROG Phone 6D Ultimate and 6D are currently set to receive Android 13 in Q1 2023. The ROG Phone 6 and 6 Pro are also slated for a Q1 2023 update window, while the Phone 5 and 5s series will have to wait until Q2 of 2023.

ASUS does state that for both the Zenfone and ROG devices mentioned, the timeframe set for the Android 13 update could change depending on where you are in the world. If you find yourself in the window of release for Android 13 on your device and you have yet to receive it, you can always manually check by heading into your device's settings and finding your system update page.

Android 13 will introduce users to a much more customizable experience through Google's Material You. Whether you're an owner of a Zenfone 9 or a ROG Phone 6D Ultimate, you can find enjoyment in Material You's colorful and vibrant touch-up that lets you customize the interface how you like it.

With a larger notification panel and media player, gamers enjoying a long session can quickly alter their tunes without breaking their gameplay too much.

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