Apple Music on Android wants to make it easier to import your Spotify playlists

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What you need to know

  • Apple Music 4.7.0 beta (1359) for Android reveals a new SongShift feature.
  • As the name implies, it will allow users to transfer music across music streaming apps.
  • The feature shows up as a prompt for Apple Music users on Android, and it can be found in the settings pane.

Apple Music is testing new means to transfer music for users from its competitors, which can include songs, music libraries, playlists, and more.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple Music for Android is integrating SongShift — a third-party service to transfer music across multiple music services. It is currently in the A/B testing phase in the beta version of the music service app. However, if it works as projected, users will soon be able to transfer their favorite music from apps like Spotify.

Apple Music for Android SongShift integration

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A Reddit user spotted the integration of the Apple Music for Android beta app as there is a new prompt at the top saying, "Add saved music and playlists you made in other music services to your Apple Music library," further giving users a "Get Started" option as well. The prompt is seen on the Apple Music 4.7.0 beta (1359) version, notes the Reddit user. 9to5 further notes users can also find the transfer music option in the app's settings pane on Android phones.

Scrolling through the comments of the aforementioned Reddit post, some Android users are yet to see the feature live on their Apple Music app and in the settings pane, which is understandable as it is still in beta. It is still unclear whether Apple is integrating SongShift directly into its Android music service or is bringing SongShift-like features natively to its music app.

Regardless, Apple bringing the music transfer feature natively to the music app is a welcome change as it allows users to not rely on other third-party services like Tune My Music. Meanwhile, the SongShift app can be found on the App Store already, although it doesn't appear to be available on the Play Store.

In the past, Apple collaborated with Shazam to identify music within iOS despite having the app separately on the App Store. Apple later acquired Shazam, a deal that was finalized in 2018.

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