Bullshit MacBook connector or Moto G?

Today at its "Spring Forward" event, Apple unveiled its most magical notebook yet, the new MacBook. It's ridiculously thin and light, sporting a retina display and a new pressure-sensitive touchpad. And it's also got just one port for charging and connecting other stuff — a new reversible USB-C connector.

The only problem? You'll need an adapter to connect your existing stuff — think regular USB gadgets, Thunderbolt accessories, SD cards, etc. — and according to Apple's store listing it's not included in the box. The company will, however, sell you an adapter. There are two versions — one with HDMI, the other with VGA — and both retail for $79.

Also selling for around $80 is the Verizon prepaid Moto G.

So here's how these two break down at the $80 price point.

Category Moto G Apple USB dongle
Dimensions 129.9 mm x 65.9 mm x 6.0-11.6 mm 31mm x 50mm (estimated)
Weight 143g ???
Color Black White
Display 720p LCD No
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 No
SIM Card Yes No
Internal Storage 8GB internal No
Camera 5 megapixel rear, VGA front No
Battery 2070mAh internal No
Connectivity microUSB USB-A, HDMI/VGA, USB-C
Is a cable No Yes

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