Apple's Phil Schiller can't stop talking about Android

As the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is likely to be the most popular selling smart phone for the summer, is being announced tomorrow in New York, we find that Apple's senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller just can't help but talk about Android. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Schiller once again brings up the fragmentation argument, along with some dubious accusations about integration of services.

When you take an Android device out of the box, you have to sign up to nine accounts with different vendors to get the experience iOS comes with. They don't work seamlessly together.

Something tells me Mr. Schiller has never used an Android device. 

Of course, company executives are going to talk smack every once in a while, especially on the eve of a major announcement from the competitors. And people reading it are going to overreact and say more outlandish things. It's pretty good entertainment, but I'm going to have to side with Rene over at iMore and say let the phones and tablets do the talking. There is room for more than one monopolistic evil giant in the mobile race.

Source: Wall Street Journal; via: iMore

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Wow... way to sell your product by bashing another one. Does anyone ever both to just talk about their product and what it can do for the user? Without bashing the competitor? /sigh
  • See "I'm a Mac" ads by Apple. See "Sheep" ads by Samsung. They both do it. I'd expect any Apple employee to call their stuff the best while downplaying the competition. Just as I'd expect any Samsung employee to call their stuff the best while also downplaying the competition. I don't like it. But I expect it.
  • This.
  • " executives are going to talk smack every once in a while. And people reading it are going to overreact and say more outlandish things. It's pretty good entertainment" +1 Well written, well said.
  • Its fine to bash another product, but do it without sounding like an idiot. I cant think of a single difference between setting up an iphone vs android. Its exactly the same.
  • I'm sure he is talking in terms of getting the same features, though i would like to see what those features are, because except "Find my iPhone" they don't seem that much different. And getting something like Cerberus or whatever the vendors have built in(Like Samsung Dive) is only an additional account. (I would really like if Google had a cerberus-like service running on android though, not that i don't expect any thief with half a brain to immediately turn off the phone in case it gets stolen)
  • because except "Find my iPhone"..... Um, Android has "Where's my Droid". Works great
  • One is built-in, the other is not.
  • One is easy to defeat, the other is not.
  • Ummmmmm - iCloud backup?
  • Perhaps he realizes how stale the iPhone and iOS has become that he's stooping to lower levels to try to keep the dwindling userbase.
  • So iOS users don't have to sign into facebook, twitter, gmail, yahoo, drop box let me go get an iphone real quick...
  • +1 Oh make me laugh!
  • so what about apple forcing you to get an itunes account?
  • Try using a Android phone without a Google Account.
  • ..boom. hahaha
  • There is a thread on the forums with someone doing just that.
  • Ok, i have done that... it's no problem at all, as long as you don't expect to have access to gmail app and the likes.
    You can easily install apps without a google account.
    So yeah, it's highly doable... i have no idea if you can do the same on an iphone, but i suspect not :P
  • In his defense, itunes is infinitely worse than a Gmail account
  • Ha! Good point!
  • this
  • Yep itunes is a joke. Really, is anyone still using an iphone except the uninformed and technological morons?
  • I don't care if you insult the iPhone, but don't insult me, a tech lover that has an iPhone 5
  • At least a Google account is useful.
  • Two answers to shut you (and whoever agrees with you) up: zepekit says:
    Ok, i have done that... it's no problem at all, as long as you don't expect to have access to gmail app and the likes.
    You can easily install apps without a google account.
    So yeah, it's highly doable... i have no idea if you can do the same on an iphone, but i suspect not :P RiverCitySlim says:
    At least a Google account is useful. Regards,
  • Try using an iPhone without iTunes. I gladly have a Gmail account where all of my contacts, apps, purchases ect are stored and ready to go with each new upgrade. I dont have to install any extra software like iTunes to get at the apps and music and movies I have purchased. I simply have to use my device and drag and drop to my hearts content. Simply connect my device to the computer and away we go. I actually dont have to have a google account if I dont want to. I can side load apps on to my Android device without a google account. Can the iPhone say that? Nope, you need iTunes to buy apps
  • Hahahahahahahahaha :)
  • I think this kind of funny. The reactions of "Don't bash my device(s)" are funnier though. I mean, unless you wake up next Mr. Schiller everyday and before your eyes can remotely adjust he's standing over you with an iPhone saying "Your device is fragmented!" then nobody should care. Just saying though... You can't bully an OS it just doesn't happen that way...
  • Blah, blah, blah...That'a all I hear any more coming out of Apple. Probably because all their products right now are just that, blah. Way to be consistent.
  • Android was integrating multiple services and doing it better than iOS long before Sweet Zombie Jobs and Schiller bothered to rip it off.
  • I like how some of these comments are talking about how it's low to bash another company/device yet it's ok for samsung to do it in their ads
  • The Sammy ads are funny... not the company C-something having a penis measuring contest.
  • You have to agree their ads are very funny. Even I laugh, and I use an iPhone 5 XD.
  • google needs to sue this guy for slandering, because what he says is not true. He's just jelly that the iphone hasn't changed much since it's original release.
  • You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  • No more rhymes, and I mean it!
  • "When you take an Android device out of the box, you have to sign up to nine accounts with different vendors to get the experience iOS comes with." I'd love to know what these 9 accounts you have to sign up for are.
  • Letting the phones speak for themselves is great advice Jerry, too bad that your buddy Renee over at Imore doesn't take it. He is the worst to be the first to jump on the most pathetic topics that have to do with Android. You must not read some of his editorials, most of them are all very negative about Android. I say let the phones speak for themselves, Android is doing one hell of a great job IMO. The problem is very simple, IOS is the same phone it was 2 years ago, Android keeps getting better with $$$ spent on innovation. Innovation is the answer Apple, not litigation.
  • I am a Fandroid and I agree, but I will say as far as profits, Apple wins. And while Google undoubtedly copied apple's ios once they saw the true potential, Apple is now behind the pack while Google is winning. End of story.. Hahha
  • Of course Apple wins in profits. First, the stupid phones and iPads cost so damn much even on contract. Second, they dont spend as much on R&D as google and the various OEMs do. And thirdly, there are dozens of Android OEMs so the profit is shared. Android has 74% market share, which makes it pretty clear. Unfortunately, the iSheep have poor eyesight. They think the "New" features in the iOS are actually NEW. Most of them arent, as they have been part of Android for awhile.
  • The lack of innovation produces fear, and fear is anger, and anger leads to the dark side of reality... You're losing market!
  • Exactly...Who the F is this complete and utter MORON! Like all I have to do is signup for ONE (just ONE!) and I'm on my way with my new Android device. That's it to start using the phone. Yes, once I start downloading other apps (ie. FB, Dropbox, etc etc), but that's no fcking different than Apple you numbnut!
    HAHAHAHA... great entertainment, but he's talking completely from his bung hole not knowing how a brand new Android phone works. Keep selling your sh!t!
  • They are gaining!
  • :/
  • Firstly, I'm a diehard android guy, but I don't entirely disagree with him. No it isn't 9 different accounts but if you get a non-Nexus you have 3 levels of 'accounts', google, manufacturer and carrier. The manufacturer and carrier add all kinds of crap to the phones. No arguing that. I had an S3 and liked it for the most part except the crapware, but ever since I switched to the Nexus 4 I'm not looking back, CLEAN!
  • if thats the case then with the iPhone you have to sign in with 2 accounts, Apple and carrier. Also, if I sign in with my itunes username will it automatically sing into my email account or do i also have to do that manually (since apple doesnt have an email service)? Anyway I'm fine with them talking shit so long as the shit they talk is true.
  • You do not have to sign in to manufacturer or carrier accounts to use the phone. I have the SGS3 and the Note 2, I did not have to sign into either to use my Samsung devices. If I want a Samsung account, I can easily sign in and that is the same with a Carrier account. This is simply a case of someone who is butt hurt over huge drops in stock prices that were artificially inflated to begin with. This is a great time to be an Android fan, the fantastic choices we have are over the top. The quality of these top of the line devices is fun to choose from. I wish I could buy them all.
  • In using 6 different Android phones, I have never had to log into a "carrier" or "manufacturer" account. HTC has an account you can sign into, but nothing even remotely necessary. Other than that, I have no idea what accounts you mean. Also, as Google shows every year, there's a BIG difference between a true Android phone (Nexus) and an Android based phone (anything else).
  • Did I miss something?
    Logging into my Nexus 4 automatically signs me into:
    -Google Talk Logging into my iTunes account on my iPhone 5 automatically signs me into:
  • You forgot somethings
    Logging into my Nexus 4 automatically signs me into:
  • Yeah, I just limited it to communication type Apps.
  • .
  • Apple and Samsung are carbon copies of each other. I won't buy from either. Samsung has never been an innovator. Apple no longer is. Its just a phone, but I am digging this nexus 4.
  • wow, I am sorry to hear that.
  • The S4 is going to be identical to the S3 (as the Note 2 is) and there will be obvious hardware upgrades and a few gimmick features, but not much else. Don't get me wrong, the S3/N2 are amazing phones and the S4 shouldn't be anything less itself, but Samsung is getting stale. Apple sat atop the hill kicking rocks for so long they forgot how to get creative. The iphone 5 is nothing more than the iphone 4 done right. The S3 was a giant step forward for Samsung (one phone, not 5) but they're getting that same lethargy mixed with arrogance. Samsung is a great company with great products, but they have been more innovative and creative in the past.
  • I couldn't agree more. Samsung is the new Apple. Nexus devices are in a league of their own. I feel sorry for users that have never tried a nexus device.
  • This is the biggest load of bull**** to ever come out of an execs mouth. Yeah, I'm a huge Samsung fan and their ads are no better, but at least there is some truth to them. 9 accounts? Really? Nine? Not 7, not 8, but 9? Desperation apparently makes you exaggerate to extremes. It's fine. I'm glad Apple continues to do well but I'm sure Samsung won't give a rats ass when they blow away sales numbers this year.
  • Personally I never cared for touchscreens at all. Swype sold me on touchscreens (or any drag-to-type app, but the s2 with swype was my first). Call me sad and old fashioned, but cannot express how happy I was to get a file explorer app on day 1, making my phone a portable pc too. Since then I have found android to be more and more the same as the Windows experience, and again I am very happy with this. Bugs are fine, crashes are fine, it's all part of the techy experience that turns Windows 95 into Windows 7, (say whatever the hell you want, this is a monumental leap). User driven change from what people ask for to what they want, prioritised by popular demand/need and with a wide range of user made installable applications as temporary or permanent solutions. Glorious in my eyes.
  • lets be honest now, fuck samsung haha. terrible software, terrible hardware.
  • "Lets be honest now, fuck samsung haha. terrible software, terrible hardware." So who made all apples processors until recently....? Terrible Samsung hardware powering iphones....
  • Either you dislike Samsung or the Android ecosystem. Why else would you sign up for an account on Android blog site and your first comment it to bash the current industry leader. Oh I know! TROLL
  • Only idiots like Joey still use iphones and we all laugh behind their backs. LOL
  • Funny I remember Samsung being innovative by creating their Galaxy line of Android phones. Now everyone is doing it, HTC, LG, I mean it's not too innovative but Samsung has been behind Apple since the days the iPhone 3G crushed their Samsung Instinct. Now it's kind of good to see Apple crying.
  • Oh also, new iphones come with your Facebook/twitter/email/dropbox/ftp/wifi/vnc/banking/gamecenter passwords built into the device?.....
  • Phil Schiller is the biggest android fan i'm telling you. He wishes he could buy an HTC One right now but since he can't he just keep bashing android. Sucks to not have freedom.
  • Maybe he has 2 different personas... apple marketing vp by day, android xda-developer by night...
  • Phil seems awfully concerned about what the competition is doing. I don't have any hate for Apple. Hell, I have an iPad 2, and its a beautiful device. I just prefer Android, as well as Google's ecosystem. So my main devices are a GNEX, a Nexus 7, and a C7 Chromebook. I guess my point is, devote your time, focus, and energy into your company's platform, and everything else will work it self out. Comments like his seem to point to a lack of confidence in his company's products.
  • EXACTLY what I was thinking. BTW, does your N7 lag alot? I cannot get my lag to go away, even with currents bug fixed.
  • What version of android is he using, because I only had to sign into Google and any accounts I want like Facebook, but that's no different than iPhone. I don't understand
  • Choice is not fragmentation.
  • This just shows me that Apple is on the defensive, and their scared. Why make a Steve Ballmer - like comment if you aren't scared of Android? To me, if he doesn't care about these "Free phones" he wouldn't bother talking them down in an interview.
  • What an idiot...
  • I am currently signed into my Google account. So by this guy's observations... 1=9. My only question now is.... When did apple invent a new math????
  • Hey, works for Steve Balmer.....I think Windows Phone sales are up to 3% of the market last quarter :P It's sad really. Glad that all these Mobile Nations sites praise the riches of each platform without bashing each other. Each OS has something to offer and I've thought choice is good. If the phone works for you then that is the phone you need to be using. Be it an Android, IOS, Windows phone or Blackberry.
  • Lol if you're going to talk smack, at least make sure it is valid. This is really embarrassing
  • He needs to be fired. I'm sorry for all Apple fanatics. He's treating you guys like idiots. He probably said, "oh I can say this because they probably haven't seen or held an Android device." Douche
  • As a Sprint CSR that helps activate new phones every day, I can assure you that the iPhone5 has the longest setup process of any new phone right now, especially since none of it can be skipped or ignored. You don't have to sign up for a Dropbox or Samsung account on an S3 (even the Google account can be skipped) , but an iPhone won't even activate until you enter your Apple ID, iCloud ID, and location preference. And it will ask you to connect to a wifi network no less than 2 times during this process.
  • THIS
  • Well said!
  • I dont know why, but I like this quote "There is room for more than one monopolistic evil giant..."
  • Schiller is an idiot. I read his statement and other than the fragmentation issue (and be honest fanboys, it is an issue) his biggest complaint is he has to log into 9 services to do the same things he does on his iPhone. Um, last time I checked, the only thing I log into when I get a new phone is Google. Snap your fingers and all my apps are there and ready to run. Simple. If hes talking about logging into email and facebook and twitter and things like that, last time I checked, you have to do the same for iOS. And then he says the operating system is usually old. Last I checked, there were 3 major Android updates in the last year. He must have been talking about iOS since all of the NEW features they have are really....and I mean REALLY, old features on Android Putz.
  • What an asshat!!
  • He never used iOS either. To use iPhone, you need a SIM card to activate it.
  • Hey Shiller one in four investors think Apple's stock price is overvalued. Oh and what is Google's current stock price? Just saying.
  • Phil is an iMoron. While he's bashing Samsung and Android he's probably going to use Google maps to be near the event since iMaps might get him lost. What an idiot!! 9 accounts is that the best apple can come up with lol.
  • Come on guys, let's not be too hard on Mr. Schiller. He probably wrote that response from the comfort of his cushy office on his Blackberry Bold Torch.
  • Pretty sleazy if you ask me.