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Apple announces iPad, but will it take over the Android e-reader market?

Finally, it's over with. Apple announced the iPad, a 9.7-inch (diagonal) tablet that essentially is a giant iPhone, only without voice calls. And without a camera. We're nowhere near ready to pass final judgment on this thing. But given that the starting price -- for a WiFi only and a mere 16 gigabytes or storage (before the operating system, mind you) -- is $499, that takes it well into netbook/low-end laptop territory. (Of course, the unlocked Nexus One is about that much, too, so ...)

And so, we'll put it to you guys. You've been waiting alongside the rest of us to see what was coming that was supposed to change our lives. (And followed all of today's news at The iPhone Blog, right?) Is the iPad going to kill the future of Android-based e-readers, tablet and MIDs? Let's hear it.

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  • I don't think eReaders have anything to worry about. I don't think it is the same market, and ereaders have the superior e-ink display for reading.
  • OOOOOooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lookie here, more iTrash!
  • "10 hours"
    Apple® claims
  • Here's my curiosity. What's the battery life going to be like?
  • Did they really have to call it the "i" pad? Way to get some distance out of the branding! It's worse than Mc-everything from McDonald's, let alone that damn, "You're loving it" jingle. Maybe if they would market it to the medical community like Windows Tablet did, they could sell a bunch of these. Oh wait, they'd have to wait 6 years before any software could even get through the App store. Have fun Apple. I'll stick with Android!
  • I actually got my hands on an iPad nano... wait that's just my iPod touch that I got two years ago and has the same tech
  • Its by far the worst idea coming from Cupertino, CA... ever. That thing is hideous and serves no real purpose for anyone. Its too big for portable media, too small and underpowered compared to a NETBOOK which is also cheaper. Apple listed this as a pro: doesn't contain PC software. Ummm, this thing can't even have flash support.
    Epic fail from Apple. I own a macbook and I don't see the purpose of this device at all. BTW, battery life is expected to be 10 hours.
  • Other hilarities to add to the article. It lacks multitasking and a flash player. And also, the "expected" battery life on the iPhone was originally great also, until everyone tested it and got around 40% of advertised.
  • E-readers will have little to worry about until OLED screens start hitting these things. Honestly I wouldn't pay the money apple wants for its device unless I thought it could be good for both websurfing and as an e-reader. This device will not be an out of the park hit regardless. No one really needs this device. It really blows as a reader, battery hog. Sure it has a one month standby, but does anyone really care about standby as long as it's over a week or two? No camera? Seriously? At this price it's an underpowered overpriced net-tablet that simply won't get the job done. There will soon be an onslaught of hugely more capable devices in a similar form factor whether they be linux, android or windows driven. This thing is an insult to the clueful.
  • Personally, I'm waiting on the Google ChromePad(tm).
  • Still no multitasking...FAIL
  • iPad = No Multitasking, No front facing Camera, No central notification that we can see, No Widgets, No OLED screen, No NEW groundbreaking technology, AT&T.. NO! NO! NO! WTH! iPad = Kindle killer YES… SUPER OVERHYPED YES! YES! YES! iPad = a bigger iPod Touch YES! I want my Android Tablet now! YES! YES! YES!
  • Honestly, it's really not that functional. It may be a "dream to type on", but your going to be doing a lot of one handed typing because the other hand is going to be busy holding the damn thing up so you can see it. On a screen that big, that would begin to drive me up the wall. Personally, I think Apple is on to something with these ultralight-long battery life net tablets, but this is not the answer. I think that the way to go is in the form factor of the Tilt phones. Have a full capacitive touchscreen about the 6" diagonal. If you need to type anything, slide out the keyboard underneath the screen and tilt so you can see the screen while the thing is sitting on your lap without hunching over and be able to type with both hands, which is still something most people are used to doing. Make the thing with a snapdragon processor, 1Gb RAM, 16Gb solid state memory with a slot for microSD cards. Allow for 3G/4G connection with a data plan. Have a battery that lasts 5+ hours. Make it B/G/N wifi capable, and make it a chrome, metallic finish with a AMOLED screen. And make it dockable with your Home PC via USB 3.0. Just my 2 cents...
  • Personally, I've never seen a Apple product that was worth what they charge for it. This is absolutely not worth what they are charging. Like others have said, I can get 10" netbook with full keyboard, webcam, faster processor, more storage space and nearly the same battery life for $100-$200 less. Not to mention a full operating system. But what do I know. There will probably still be throngs of idiots who think Apple does no wrong buying them with their tax refunds. What I'm excited about is a netbook with one of those Pixel Qi displays that look like eink when you turn the backlight off and use very little power. :drool:
  • I think there are some def plusses to this thing, but not enough for me to justify buying one. I would like to see some cross platform audio/video editing software apps make the rounds. Then we could see what this thing is really capable of. Until then...I'll stick with my MBP and iMac plan. :)
  • Wow, what's so MAGICAL about that?
    Is it only me thinking that's really funny marketing? And I just have no idea who that product is targeting. Are they thinking iPhone could be more successful if it had 10" screen?
  • For any given product category, if Apple has a product in that category, there is a certain core group of people who will buy that product regardless of what features it offers, or what features the competition offers. Given the price and features, I'm having a hard time telling what category this device falls in. BTW, I think they already have a device that's essentially an iPhone without voice calls. I think they call it an iPhone. :)
  • Wow. A giant iTouch. REVOLUTIONARY!!
  • first off.. we're all talking about it... so theres the hype (good work apple) which would most users rather have... an iphone, or a motorola droid? according to the sales through the same quarter it is by far the iphone. unfortunately the droid is a much much better product. "it doesnt multitouch" - yes yes it does
    "the music app sucks" - really? when you are playing music on your ipod or iphone your looking at the screen the entire time..really? btw.. the output on the droid is higher with less signal distortion.
    "the gallery sucks" - i have a third party gallery app and gues what... FULL MULTITOUCH.
    "but apple has all the apps" - sure 50 thousand to 100 thousand seems like a big difference..but wait, lets take out all the duplicates at the apple app store...hmm now those numbers are close, and android has open developement.
    "you cant call and surf the web at the same time" - no i got me, its called being patient for like 2 minutes. now heres some hits the other way... "you got flash on your iphone?" - I DOOOO
    "Your iphone multitasks?" - my phone does
    "your phone is fast?" - really the iphone loads apps like a snail in comparison. heres the difference in any of this stuff......and this is what should be applauded by people trying to succeed like apple does so very well. ITS THEIR MARKETING AND HYPE DEPARTMENTS. they are incredible..and i would assume are spending nearly billions. hype is a zune that much worse than an ipod..not really..but it sure costs a lot less, and sells fractions of as many. human beings are sheeple..myslef included some times..if its shiny and new and light and cool....everyone wants it. most people have little to no tech abilites, unlike most of us nerds on these threads. so if its simple.. its better.. wheather it is or not.. and apple has simple down, i mean DOWN. watch how the price of the ipad drops by 2 bills in three months, but doesnt make anyone who bought it when it came out mad... incredible. you want most people to buy the thing.. do what your doing.. you want EVERYONE to wanna buy the thing...add flash...let it multitask, add stereo speakers, (the apple site shows the headphone jack which is obviously stereo..but for a device this size the speakers on it should be stereo as well and they are mono, acording to their own tech specs)make the screen an OLED that you can roll up into the battery casing and drop in a backpack, give us some REAL technology. i'll tell yah.. if what i just said was available..i would gladly pay 1200 for it, without a thought. and when you really think about it.. what could apple have not put in the product other than the rolling oled? nothing...and ill say this.. id buy the ipad with flash, multitasking, and stereo speakers with 64 gigs of storage for 700..THATS worth it. the flash thing is soooo a deal breaker.
  • I thing the iPad has some potential but it won't kill Android E-Readers off. I saw a clip of the unveiling and all I got from it that the iPad was "extremely thin," has the ability to change backgrounds, and is an "amazing experience." Lots of fluff and razzle-dazzle but not much concrete to back it up. I'm not too impressed. I can see some wealthy fella pick it up just cause he's tired of his laptop or someone who has they're entire business/home apple networked. But other then that it's not practical for the cost. What's more is the GUI is too much like the iphone. All icons, now widgets? Don't get me wrong, I love apple but I've been sorely disappointed with the iphone's evolution over the past generation. You'd think Steve would take a hint from getting knocked to the #5 slot with droid taking #1 in the smart phone race. I mean his co-founder has a nexus one and he loves it!
  • Hahahaha! My thoughts exactly!
  • Even better. Since this is old, Apple has no excuse for their name.
  • This new iPad is a GIANT IPHOONE!!!! Seriously?! This is Apples version of a bad joke...just like the Macbook Air. For the money I'd rather just buy a Macbook.
  • A giant iPhone that can't make phone calls, take pictures, or give you GPS directions.
  • So it's actually LESS than the iPhone! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA! Apple needs to really step up their game. I mean the only person to ever be able to slap their brand on ANYTHING and make crap loads of money was George "Movie Destroyer" Lucas. Everyone just LOOOVED Jar Jar! hahahhaha. But seriously, this is technology and Apple was one for making clean and great devices and computers. The iPad is not one of them.
  • Well there are alot of people that seem to dislike this iPad and I am not at all an apple fanboy, but I do like this iPad. I've loved my iPod touch and this is just an extension of that. It won't replace my laptop, but will be a nice addition to my collection of technology. I'm a little worried about the keyboard though. If I can type on it like I'm using a laptop then I'll probably be getting one. They do have a case that doubles as a stand. But we'll see. And we'll also see how much I get hated on for writing this comment. BTW... I'm an Android supporter. I have an HTC Hero and love it.
  • It's an underpowered, overpriced toy is what it is. The Archos 5 does the same stuff.
  • "It's an undersized, overpriced toy is what it is. The Archos Jukebox does the same stuff."
    -Almost everyone, 10 years ago, about the iPod upon its initial release.
  • There is an Android eBook reader market to kill? Have I missed something?
  • Yes there is, but it is just getting started with the nook, Alex, and a couple of others. The nook is doing well, mine should be shipped Feb 1.
  • Someone take out the iTrash, this thing is a huge load of FAIL. I cannot believe Apple bothered to do this, let alone being deluded into thinking it's worth a crap.
  • Whats hype about it? Great device i feel. its not revolutionary but tell me which device comes close with that performance and that integration not to mention that great UI. The kicker is that people say this is still expensive. but think about all your paid games and productivity apps that you can bring over from you iphone and ipod touch. that is easily worth 50 bucks if you buy the good software that costs USD 9.99 my analysis >> and i am not a fanboy. i want android to do well.
  • iRan out of iDeas.
  • Good one!
  • Apple is an amazingly smart company. They developed a cult like following behind their inferior (IMHO) products. But for the love of all things good ... KEEP CRAPPLE OFF MY ANDROID PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Are they trying to open a new market?
    Or are they doing what is usually considered stupid? I don't know... But at least, that doesn't look good for me.
  • No, because um, you can't READ LCD in sunlight. V_V
  • Ill be perfectly honest.... I like it. BUT, only because of the massive potential this holds. But of course, with all Apple products, the potential is unfortunately masked by Apple's draconian "we want it OUR way" policies. Will I get one? ...Probably... Only if the rumored 4.0 OS update is applied in the near future. Cause on a tablet, what's the point of having it if it can't even do something as mainstream as multitasking. Oh, and flash...I know it will probably never ever happen...but we can hope right?
  • next this, bring out the gPad! haha
  • Who knows, by production time, maybe they'll slip a camera in, if not, they'll be work arounds, there always are. Also, yeah, the n1 is roughly the same, minus the on board memory, n1 fails in that department, so it's not impressive. Just think, this is a first step device from apple, when they refine this like they do the iphone, it'll be nuts what it is like. Android is nice, but with the apps being on both the iphone and ipad, hard to beat that with the droid when google is talking about letting you use the memory card for apps, finally, but they will be locked down so you cannot go anywhere with them, so much for open google love.
  • huh? How do you have a work around for a missing camera? I know its late here on the east coast, but that was one of the dumbest comments I've read. The N1 is also a phone, on a network that allows you to make calls, and going on another network, that allows you to make calls. It also has a camera, with flash, has flash support.... The devices aren't even targeted to the same people. As far as tech goes, the N1 would beat the crap out of this thing in any real-world benchmarks aside from the bigger screen as thats hardware.
    This is for people looking to get a kindle, or maybe one of those Android tablets coming soon. One problem, this can't be used outdoors in the sunlight, well, because its LCD. Ever tried using a Macbook outdoors, you would see how this product is useless to have a 3G option. Most places you would go to read would have wifi. WTF do you mean locked down so you cannot go anywhere with them? It'll be locked so you don't PIRATE apps. Quit being a douche and sip on your latte
  • Are you saying iPad is better than N1 or Droid, so those users should change to iPad? Nice try, but equip iPad with phone functionality before you try again.
  • That ~10" screen fits in the pocket nicely, haven't you heard?
  • I was actually pretty excited for this device. Once it was announced and the specs released... Not sooo much. It honestly is an oversized iPod touch. Nothing special. No camera. No multi-tasking. No "good" output to TVs (meaning HDMI. I know it uses apple's own accessories to put it on tv; read - ways to make money). Would have been better if they put Snow Leopard on it. Just saying. Also, Steve Jobs said this was the most important thing he's ever done.... REALLY!?! I mean, REALLY!?! The iPhone revolutionized the cell phone industry when it was introduced. And I'm glad because it made other operating systems step up their game (read - Android, which I believe is far better in its youth with far more room to grow - see widgets, a BACKGROUND screen, etc). Android devices are more personable rather than looking like everyone else's. iDon't want to be like everyone else. iDon't want an app launcher for a homescreen. iDon't want dropped calls (but I guess that's AT&T) I know it's Microsoft, but I am looking forward to their unannounced Courier unless manufacturers make better Android tablet devices with better names. Wish we had the developer support though, but that will come with time. Also read an article about how Apple slowly leaks device specs to gauge consumer reactions... iDon't think they listened much. Apple, ya shit is weak. FAIL! I'll wait and see until 2.0. iPad... More like iCoaster for my coffee table... A really expensive one. Not a fanboy of anything. Devices deserve the comments they get
  • names names names, and the Fanboys were quick to point out issues with N1 naming rights,..Well, here is your boo boo, maybe you can cover it up with you pad,.. lol (i had to say it)
  • Okay...I'm so sick of this tech bashing. It's not a stupid idea, it's a really good one when you think about it. Giz has a great article about this: The demo and consumer base they're trying to reach will eat this up (hopefully). The tech on it is a great first start, and honestly, this is the 1st of a future of devices that will make everything (pardon the cliche pun) science fiction into fact. I will most likely be getting one as a go between for those times when my 17" MBP is too cumbersome to take (starbucks for some light reading, laying in bed, checking other scores in the living room, etc). Yes..I know have an Android phone for some of that, but the screen can be a little small. Maybe I'll wait and see if anything comes of an Android table by summertime.
  • There is only one simple difference between Apple fanboys and the other people. Apple fanboys find its uses and try to use it that way. So they always argue "This can be used this way, and that way..." Most other people check their needs and get something that can fulfill that. So they usually argue "This does not excel in any of these purposes..." For Apple fanboys, it's not their life. It's Apple's life. Apple direct the lifestyle, and they follow it. Other people just don't like that and complain but Apple fanboys claim "Apple is directing the best lifestyle. What's the problem?" ...Duh
  • What do you expect in the future with apple ipad?
    in the future, i want to see a them create a game controller to plug in the ipad. this would be good for racing and shooting game. i would like to play modern warfare 2 if apple would create this.
    Advanced Acai