Apple iPad

Finally, it's over with. Apple announced the iPad, a 9.7-inch (diagonal) tablet that essentially is a giant iPhone, only without voice calls. And without a camera. We're nowhere near ready to pass final judgment on this thing. But given that the starting price -- for a WiFi only and a mere 16 gigabytes or storage (before the operating system, mind you) -- is $499, that takes it well into netbook/low-end laptop territory. (Of course, the unlocked Nexus One is about that much, too, so ...)

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And so, we'll put it to you guys. You've been waiting alongside the rest of us to see what was coming that was supposed to change our lives. (And followed all of today's news at The iPhone Blog, right?) Is the iPad going to kill the future of Android-based e-readers, tablet and MIDs? Let's hear it.

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