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Pocket Casts

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  • Vendor: Shifty Jelly
  • Version: 6.4.9
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We love podcasts. OK, that's also because we do podcasts, but we also love podcasts in general. And while there are many, many great podcatchers out there, Pocket Casts has repeatedly been the one we turn to the most.

And it's not just because it's developed by a merry bunch of awesome Aussies. It's not because it has some of the best changlogs in the history of logs that changed. Nay, it's because Pocket Casts consistently is just about the best way to download and consume all kinds of podcasts. Be they video or audio, you get a great user interface that's easy to use. You get great recommendations for new shows to listen to. And if you use Pocket Casts' sync service, all of your subscriptions carry over to any other device. (We'd really love to see some Google single-sign-in love there, though.)

But the bottom line is this: If you're in need of a podcatcher or something new to listen to, Pocket Casts has you covered.


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Pocket Casts app acquired by NPR-led radio group, will continue development [Update]

App will remain in development, as will NPR's own app. Updated 5/9/18 – Following the announcement of the NPR deal, Pocket Casts has since addressed a few of the concerns its users have brought up. You can read through the full rundown here, but essentially Pocket Casts says that its privacy...
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Pocket Casts is a great podcast app loaded with features. You can easily subscribe to your favorite podcasts, and a sync option allows you to pick up from where you left off across devices, and on the web. The app has picked up a significant update to version 6.0 that adds several Nougat...
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Pocket Casts — one of our favorite podcast apps — has picked up an update to version 5.4.1, bringing several bug fixes in tow. The app introduced a Material Design refresh earlier this year, and has steadily added new features, like audio effects, the ability to auto-download podcasts, playback...
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Popular podcasts app Pocket Casts has picked up an update to version 5.3 that introduces several new features, including the ability to filter podcasts by date. Also new is Marshmallow support, which lets you save the app's settings across devices with auto backup. Here's the laundry list of...
Pocket Cast brings new features to its web player

Pocket Casts brings new share and download functionality to its web player

The Pocket Casts web player has received another update, this time enabling some new features. Included in the update, version 1.2, is a new share feature, a menu to do quick actions like download as well as some bug fixes. Here's a break down of what's new this time around: Care. Bear. Hair....
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Latest Pocket Casts update lets you get social with podcasts

While listening to your chosen podcasts on the move, being social with others is among the least of your concerns, especially with headphones blocking outside sound. Shifty Jelly, the developer of Pocket Casts, has released an update to help make it easier to discover new content and see what...

Pocket Casts' web player snags its first big update, adds episode starring and Chromecast support

The web version of one of our favorite podcast apps, Pocket Casts, just got its first big update since launching. Coming in this update is the ability to star individual episodes, Chromecast support, and more. Here's a breakdown of what's new on the Pocket Casts web player: Version 1.1...
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Pocket Casts brings podcasts to your ride with Android Auto

The first in our tour of the apps that are available for Android Auto starts with one of our favorite podcast players. Pocket Casts has been one of our favorite podcatchers for quite some time, employing an excellent mix of form and function. And it's one of the initial apps available with the...
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One of our favorite podcatchers gets a Material Design update

Pocket Casts — one of our favorite podcast players — has finally made public its long-awaited update to Material Design. That is a great-looking app just got even more great looking. And more important is that you can easily subscribe to the Android Central Podcast in Pocket Casts. Or other...
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Pocket Casts' web-based podcast player in beta now!

This one's been in the works for a while now, and we're finally allowed to give you a little peek. Pocket Casts — one of our favorite Android apps for listening to podcasts — is working on a web version. It syncs up with your Pocket Casts account (which we still would love to see have some single...