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Google Maps

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Those of us of a certain age remember a time before Google Maps. A time before the maps that came before Google Maps. A time when we unfolded large pieces of paper in a car while driving at high speed — or, worse, as a tourist in a faraway land — gazed at the mysterious symbols and hoped we knew which way we were pointed in the first place.

Those were the dark ages.

In February 2005 Google launched Google Maps. And today it's an integral part of our daily lives, to say nothing of the Google experience. At its simplest, it's a way to figure out where you are, or where you're going. But it's grown into so much more than that. Google Maps now ties into your search results. Looking for, say, Chinese food? You'll see recommendations. Or, even better, is that you might see your friends' recommendations, thanks to integration with Google+.

And what Google did from the top down with satellites it's also done from the driver's seat. Google has a fleet of cars worldwide that maps the roads and highways, ensuring accuracy and — and this is the really cool part — taking 360-degree "Street view" pictures, so you can actually see where you're going and what it will look like before you get there.

Google Maps made the transition from web browser to mobile, of course, and it's now an indispensable part of our online lives.


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Google bringing 'relevant ads' to Maps search on mobile

       Google recently rolled out a new look for Maps on Android, bringing it in line with other Google properties and focusing on search, with a prominent search bar at the top of the screen. Now the company says it's going to start displaying local, "relevant" ads at the bottom of the screen...
Google Maps Views

Contribute your Photospheres to Google Maps with new 'Views' page

New web tool makes it fun to browse and simple to upload your own Photo Spheres. Google is making both submitting and viewing Photospheres on Google Maps a little more intuitive and beautiful today with the launch "Google Maps Views". As an upgrade over what Google offered previously for Photo...

Transit App launches on Android for all your public transportation needs

Real-time routing available in 43 major cities across the United States Transit App has gotten quite a reputation with the iOS folks. Now, the Google Maps alternative for public transportation is also available for Android. The app works in 43 major cities including New York City, Chicago, Los...
Google Maps offline cache

New Google Maps updated with offline maps button

User feedback prompts new 'offline maps' card and 'where's Latitude' button When Google launched its new Maps app for some users yesterday, it was criticized by some for the way offline maps had been handled. The feature, accessible via menus in earlier Maps versions, could only be activated by...
Google Maps

Google Maps gains swipe-to-access gestures in latest update

Get easy access to Views, place details, search results, and alternate direction routes Many have heard about it, but few have received it. The new Google Maps app that was previewed at Google I/O hit the Play Store yesterday, with a reported rollout starting today. A lot of new changes come...

Google confirms Latitude being retired from August 9

Closure affects Latitude on Android, iOS, the web and Latitude API Alongside today's Google Maps for Android news, the company has confirmed that Latitude, its location-sharing service, will be closing from Aug. 9. The shutdown affects Latitude in its entirety — on the web, Android, iOs, through...
New Google Maps

New Google Maps app starting to seed on Google Play

Update 'rolling out to Android 4.0.3+ users over the next few weeks,' according to Play Store listing A little under two months ago at Google I/O, Google offered a preview of the next version of Maps for Android. Stand-out features included a completely revamped UI, with a search bar front and...
Public Alerts on Google Maps

Reminder: Google Maps is looking out for your safety with public alerts

Google's public alerts system can save your bacon by keeping you up to date with important safety information Michael wrote in about something he noticed in Google Maps for Android. Seems there is a Flash Flood Warning for parts of New Hampshire, and Google Maps made sure he knew about it when...
Google Street View Trekker

Google expanding 'Street View Trekker' program to third-party organizations

Interested groups can now offer their services as Google Street View mappers For some time now Google has been using a 360-degree view backpack-mounted camera system to map popular locations on foot, and it is now ready to open up the program to third-parties. Google wants to map the whole world...
Google Maps

Google closes acquisition of Waze

Google 'excited' about enhancing Google Maps with Waze data  The rumors were true -- Google has announced that it's closed its acquisition of Waze, the collaborative navigation and traffic app. In a post on its official blog, the company confirmed the buy-out, saying that it was "excited about...
Google Maps update

Google previews next major version of Maps for Android

New look, new features for Google's mobile mapping software At the Google I/O keynote in San Francisco, Google showed a sneak peek at the "next major version" of Google Maps for Android. Visually, it looks a lot like the iPhone Google Maps app, with a big search bar front and center, and re-...
Google IO

Google unveils three new location APIs for developers

Save battery life and improve location data for every app We're live here at the Google I/O 2013 keynote, where Google has started off with talking about APIs for Android. As one of its first announcements, Google is rolling out three new APIs  for developers to access the location of a device....
Google Maps

Google Map Maker finally hits the UK

Crowd-sourced mapping tool arrives on British shores Long absent from the country, Google's crowd-sourced mapping tool Google Map Maker has finally arrived in the UK today. The tool allow Brits to improve the mapping data provided through Google's web and mobile-based products by adding missing...
Google Maps

Google Maps brings navigation to 9 new countries in Europe and Africa

Voice guided, turn-by-turn navigation available for millions more people today on Google Maps for Android The Google Maps team has taken to Google+ and announced the addition of voice navigation for 9 new countries today. Users in the following countries will be able to use the Google Maps app...
Google Treasure Maps

Arrrrrgh - there be booty buried somewhere in this Google Treasure Map

The end of YouTube is just the start of Google's April Fool's Day 2013 fun. Up next we've got Google Treasure Maps. It's, ummm, Google Maps done up treasure-map style, having been scanned from William "Captain" Kidd's lost maps.  There're are more than a few easter eggs in this one, and the whole...
Google Maps transit

Google Maps updated with more live transit info for D.C., NYC and SLC

Google Maps -- on mobile and the web -- has been updated with fresh live transit data in three U.S. cities. The new data covers departure times for seven lines on the New York City subway, in addition to bus and tram data in the greater Salt Lake City area and service alerts for the Washington D.C...
Google App Updates

Google Maps, Drive and Earth updated with bugfixes

Google has just pushed out some bugfix updates in Google Play for both Maps and Earth, along with a couple of feature improvements for Drive. Those improvements for Drive are the ability to stream video files from the app on devices running Android 3.0 and above, as well as the ability to now use...
Indian Rides

Indian Rides: get ready for the return of Indian Motorcycle

Indian has been around since 1901, and they're getting ready for a re-launch of the Indian Motorcycle brand in 2013 by releasing the Indian Rides app. While the app is branded by Indian, you don't have to be an active motorcycle rider to take a look at this app though, as it has a little something...
Android Central

Select ski slope runs now available on Google Maps

Google is always adding neat bits of information to its Maps database, and today its adding select ski resorts to that list. Users viewing certain ski slopes around the U.S. and Canada will now see ski runs, gondola routes and more right from the regular Google Maps interface. Different runs and...
collectors item

Windows Phone users to get their broken Google Maps web experience back

Yesterday it seems that every single Windows Phone user was over at WPCentral lamenting the loss of the Google Maps web app for Windows Phone. It seems that Google made a change that redirected users with a Windows Phone browser UA string to Google search page instead of the Google Maps page they...



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