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Google Drive is a cloud storage platform operated by Google and used for many of its services. Google Drive was announced in early 2012 as a replacement for the previously document-centric Google Docs, and was focused to be a direct competitor to the other cloud storage providers such as Dropbox and Box. Originally launching as a stand-alone data silo with 5GB of free storage, Google Drive has expanded to be the storage backbone for Google Docs, Gmail and other Google services, offering up 15GB of total storage across different apps.

Google Drive has apps for mobile platforms, as well as sync clients for desktop operating systems that keep all of your files in sync across every device where you're signed in. Google Drive is also deeply integrated into the Chrome OS platform, making it easy to keep all of your files of any size up-to-date across Chromebooks as well. Those who buy a new Chromebook are given 100GB of Google Drive storage for free for two years, many phone manufacturers offer up a free 50GB of free storage, and purchasing additional storage is extremely cheap compared to other providers.

In an attempt to further define its identity as a purely storage solution, Google Docs, Sheets and Presentations were broken out from the core Google Drive app on mobile in April 2014. This meant that going forward, if you wanted to edit documents on mobile you'd need the separate Docs, Sheets and Presentations apps, and you could only view documents via Drive. This has helped clear some of the confusion around the difference between Google Drive and Google Docs.


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Google Drive returns after outage [Update]

It's not just you: Google Drive is down for everyone. Update, 12:30pm ET: Google Drive appears to be up again. Continue uploading those "documents". We rely on a lot of Google services here at Android Central, and Google Drive is among them. So when we found out it's down this morning (Thursday,...

Google introduces new desktop app to back up all your photos

Never lose a photo again with this new desktop app from Google. Google Photos is one of the best online services any company has built. You can save any and every photo or video from your phone to Google's online servers and access them from anywhere else with an internet connection. It's a...

You can back up and sync everything to your Google account starting June 28

You're already backing up apps and documents with Google Drive, so why not backup everything else, too? Beginning June 28, you'll be able to back up all of your files and folders from a Mac or PC to your Google Drive. It's called, very simply, Backup and Sync, and once installed, it will help you...
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Plex now lets you to hook up to your media library in the cloud

If you've got media on Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, you can now easily access it all with Plex Cloud. Have you ever used Plex? The ridiculously easy to set up a localized media server that turns your living room television into a veritable entertainment hub? The company has...

Google Drive offering discount when you prepay for bulk storage

Bulk discounts available for 100GB and 1TB only. If you're an Android user — which you are, because you're at Android Central, duh — you should consider using Google Drive to sync your files and folders. It's extremely easy to use, it's cross-platform, and Google is constantly offering deals on...
How to transfer your iCloud Drive files to Google Drive

How to transfer your iCloud Drive files to Google Drive

How do I transfer iCloud drive files to Google Drive? Hint: You'll need a computer! If you're making the switch from iPhone to Android, then you'll likely want to take advantage of Google Drive and all the other Google Apps. That means you'll need to transfer your iCloud Drive files to Google...
How to set up and use Google Drive on Android

Google Drive: Everything you need to know

How do I use Google Drive on Android? Google Drive is one of the handiest cloud storage services around, giving you 15GB of free space, which you can access from just about any device with an internet connection. The age of USB thumb drives is over. When you set up your Android phone, you would...

Note-taking alternatives now that Evernote is more expensive

Now that Evernote is raising prices for its Plus and Premium plans — and limiting the free basic sync to just two devices — perhaps you're in the market for a new note-taking app. Well, we've used more than a few around here. These are the note-taking apps that keep us taking notes, day after...

Evernote makes it easy to add your Google Drive files to notes

Popular note-taking, and all-around productivity app Evernote has received a bit of a boost today with tighter Google Drive integration. Instead of simply linking to the files, the new integration allows users to easily drag and drop linked thumbnails for images and documents into their notes...
Google Drive for Mac and PC now lets you choose which folders to sync locally

Google Drive for Mac and PC now offers granular choice of which folders to sync locally

More robust selective syncing is now available for Google Drive on Mac and PC, allowing users to save space by choosing what folders they'd like to sync locally. With the change, users can head into the "Sync Options" portion of the Preferences menu and either choose to sync everything, or only...
Google Account security

Google once again offering 2GB of free Drive storage for securing your account

To celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016, Google is once again offering free 2GB of Drive storage for reviewing your account's security settings. The Security Checkup gives you an overview of the devices connected to your Google account, recent login activity, your recovery email address and phone...



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