Apex Legends Season 4 interview with Forge has Revenant make a surprising appearance, upending the previous announcement

Apex Legends Season 4 Forge interview
Apex Legends Season 4 Forge interview (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • Respawn Entertainment has released a new video showing an interview with new hero Forge.
  • In the interview, the mysterious Revenant makes a shocking appearance.
  • Apex Legends Season 4 is set to begin on February 4.

Just a short while ago, Respawn Entertainment announced Apex Legends Season 4. Beginning in February, this season was to include a new Battle Pass, a new weapon and a new hero named Forge for players to unlock. The key word being was.

Respawn has just released a new video showing an animated interview with upcoming Legend Forge, who is sponsored by Hammond Robotics, a company you may remember from Titanfall and Titanfall 2, which are both set in the same universe that Apex Legends inhabits. In the interview, things take a bit of a jarring, messy turn.

The assailant disposing of Forge is none other than Revenant, who has been teased in the past. The implications of this video are interesting. Does this mean we aren't getting Forge as a hero in Season 4 and instead we're finally getting Revenant? Will both show up? At this moment, we're not sure. That said, the website for the game now says "RIP Jimmie "The Forge" McCormick" so I'm inclined to say the real addition is Revenant.

Whatever the case, there's going to be plenty for players to look forward to as the next season kicks off in just over a week. Apex Legends Season 4 is scheduled to begin on February 4.

Samuel Tolbert

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