Tenergy's TDR Sky Beetle Mini RC Drone is now on sale at Amazon for just $27.95 as part of its Gold Box deals of the day. This is the lowest price ever for this drone, and it's at a perfect price point to buy for someone who may have never had a drone before or is only slightly interested in the hobby so far. It normally sells for around $43 and has sold for as much as $45 in the past.

This drone includes auto hovering which stabilizes and suspends it in mid-air automatically without you needing to control it. There's also just one button to touch for takeoff and landing which makes piloting this drone something anyone can do, from children to grandparents. It also features three stunt moves to impress on-lookers and integrated apps for iOS and Android. With its onboard camera, you can view first-person footage from your smartphone using the integrated iOS or Android app.

For easy transportation, and to keep it safe, the drone fits right inside the center of the controller so you don't have to worry about breaking propellers or losing it in your bag.

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