Another look at the Galaxy Nexus car dock and HDMI station

Following on from our first look at the Verizon Galaxy Nexus's "navigation vehicle mount", mobile blog TheUnwired has a new walkthrough of the official Samsung version for the GSM Nexus, along with the new portrait-orientation charging dock with HDMI port. Unlike Verizon's vehicular mounting annex car dock, the Samsung version magically transforms the phone into car mode, with an appropriately rotated launcher, and quick settings buttons in the notification dropdown. You also get easier charging, thanks to the use of the gold charging contacts on the side of the device.

Both docking stations are expected to arrive during the first quarter of the year. More pics can be found over at the source link.

Source: TheUnwired

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.