Open Signal Devices

Today Open Signal, which among other things crowdsources how well a particular operator works in the real world (and is a very cool thing to see), released a report on Android "fragmentation" based on the users of its app.

It did a nice job showing how many damned Android devices are out there — some 18,796 measured by them, up around 7,000 from a year ago.

And it did a nice job showing how dominant Samsung is as a hardware manufacturer, with some 43 percent of the space.

Open Signal Brands

And it went on about "fragmentation" of the various versions of Android.

Open Signal Fragmentation

And it said not one single word about Google Play Services, the latest version of which as of Google I/O in late June was on 93 percent of all active Android devices.

Google Play Services

Open Signal does, however, agree that it's "an important metric." Just not important enough to mention in the report.

And we're not even sure what they were trying to say here, other than they don't understand API level versus OS level, or are just trying to force a comparison to iOS in there somehow.

Open Signal — Something Something

Anyway, you can real the full report here.

Or you can read Alex Dobie's "Solving the problem of Android updates".