Anker PowerHouse Review: UNLIMITED POWER (kinda)

Usually when I refer to portable power packs, I'm talking about the kind of battery you slip in your pocket to power your Pokemon hunt. The Anker PowerHouse … is not one of those.

With a theoretical capacity of 120,000mAh / 400Wh, the PowerHouse is hours and hours of energy in a nine-pound box. But the laws of physics are fickle things, and even such brute-force power density doesn't guarantee this battery bank will give you the endurance you're looking for. Join me as I take the biggest power pack I've ever seen for a spin in MrMobile's Anker PowerHouse review!

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  • How many days does it take to recharge itself though?
  • According to the video it was fully charged in 8 hours. Although if you use that upcoming solar charger you'll probably be talking days.
  • If you actually spent a couple minutes on the video you'd see he says that after __ hours it's fully recharged. Guess you'll have to watch the video to fill in the blank!!!
  • bwahahaha
  • Well I ruined that one lol.
  • Maaaaan :P
  • Nick... Why would you be that guy that jumps into the comments first and never watch the video. Stop being that guy, Nick. No one likes that guy...
  • That's a bloody big battery! Could be useful to a lot of people if they get the price down.
  • Very nice, but that price...
  • It's a lot, but say you live on the Gulf Coast and there's a good chance that you'll be without power for a few days in any given summer/fall. Or if you have a boat. It's not for me by any means, but I can absolutely see that kind of peace of mind being worth five hundred bucks to a good number of people.
  • When those people can get a 1,500 watt inverter/generator for $300 or so, that will run a couple of 110 outlets in addition to recharging their cell phones, I don't see the natural disaster types finding it all that compelling frankly.
  • This. I don't think it's robust enough for the above situation. Especially when you can probably get a deep cycle battery with more capacity for a fifth the cost. Be great for camping and such though.
  • But this is not a new category of products. These already exist and you can find them cheaper. And they can even jump start your car...
  • Finally a battery that can keep up with Pokemon Go. ;-)
  • Sure! I'm gonna Carry this Everywhere. NOT!!!!!
    This is for Showing Off and for Bragging Rites.
  • No, it's for being in an emergency (hurricane, flood, etc..) when you don't have power for days. Posted via Android Central App
  • I like how just because something doesn't fit your needs, it is for showing off and bragging rights. As someone who camps this is very appealing to me, as someone who lives in a city that gets hit with regular large storms it is very appealing to me, though the price is very high compared to similar products. Don't be so close minded, you will be better off.
  • Camp much?
  • And you are clueless.
  • OMG that's one huge battery pack! :O Will it power a car??!!
  • It has less power than a car battery (which costs 1/10 of the price)
  • A toy car then :P (the original comment was sarcasm, btw :P)
  • The Dollar/WH Price is extremely high, around 3 times higher than what you can get with powerbanks. Though that should be the other way round of course. Even the Volume/WH seems very high compared to powerbanks. As a premium niche product this would maybe be all ok if at least you could replace the batteries to be able to use this thing for many many years.
  • That's just what everyone needs! ;)
  • Lol @ 1:08 "This huge, heavy, $500 battery has as much power as these 5 or 6 packs... ...that in total cost a fraction of the cost, are a fraction of the weight and maybe a 1/4 of the size. The use-case for something like this is extremely limited.
  • If you're on a CPAP this could be a lifesaver if you lose power.
  • I think it's great, and has a lot of uses (whether there are alternatives or not). Anker is a great brand. I just can't help remembering those comedy sketches from the Eighties/Nineties? with yuppie banker types constantly on their brick phones making deals, and pushing a shopping cart with the battery.
  • I think a power generator would be a better option
  • I'mma get one of these and go to a public park or event and rent charge time to strangers who's phone died.
  • Er,so at nine pounds,you may as well if a sealed deep cycle acid battery and transformer and get more power anyway,if y9u want to run laptops,you definetly would be better off,most of even these bigger packs are based on 3.7v cells and with having to step up to anything like 14-17-19 volt,their real world capacity is us less,step up from 12 to 19 volt is much more efficient and safer,the 3.7v packs can easily fail and cause fires etc..if using 12v equipment in camp etc,an acid battery will easily out-perform any 3.7v power pack..
    Bloody stupid idea in my opinion,costly and in-efficient.
    You would be much better off with these.
    Here in the UK,I would just buy a pair of large heavy duty truck batteries,for the same price,and get much more power,they will last and work much better and are far more useful.
    The anker pack is a total waste of money,as well as just plain bloody stupid..
  • If it explodes.. What would be the impact..
  • Hiroshima all over again
  • Add six hundred bucks and you could buy a Honda generator ...Lol...
    BTW we love our Honda, powers almost everything :)
  • If you have a standard UPS that works fine. During power outage immediately power down workstations, ect (if not automatic) and use it for low power device such as tablets and cell phones.
  • Just an FYI, Anker has great customer service. I've been dealing with them for 4 years buying extra batteries for my Samsung Galaxy phones and other items. Of course this was before Samsung screwed us and made phones with no removable batteries!