Angry Birds

Yes, folks, we're well aware that Angry Birds will drop any minute now (through more likely in a few hours). And, yes, we're well aware that there's a "leaked" full version out there that's got Google ads built in. Pretty crafty, eh? A "leaked" version of an extremely popular game that contains ads surfaces just as anticipation crescendos. Hmmmmmm. (Actually, it probably just means there will be a paid version and a lite version. Or not. Pick your conspiracy theory.)

Anyhoo, no, we're not going to show off video of us playing the full version. We all know what Angry Birds looks like. In the meantime, if you need us, we'll be off ... erm ... not playing the leaked version of Angry Birds. Really.

Update: And as you no doubt have seen, it's now here. If you do want to see video of Angry Birds in action, here are the early previews from Phandroid, Droid Life and Ausdroid.