Andy Rubin expected to show off Essential's first phone on May 30

Essential, the phone brand founded by Andy Rubin, is building up the hype to making an announcement next week. Essential has launched a new Twitter account and is teasing some sort of announcement for May 30

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That conveniently overlaps with Andy Rubin's appearance at Recode's Code Conference, which starts on May 30. It's expected we'll get some sort of details on the device — and the company itself — and could even see the hardware.

Aside from a single teaser image showing a tiny corner of the phone, we don't really have any details on what's in store. We expect a futuristic phone that's running Android and has some value-added features based on artificial intelligence, but then again, that's sounding a lot like every other top-end phone launched in 2017.

We'll have to wait a week and see how much Rubin has to show off.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • I'm curious but I wouldn't be holding my breath.
  • Probably just a new picture exposing yet another 10 cm of the phone.
  • LOL
  • 10 cm is actually quite a lot, as phones go. It's nearly my entire screen!
  • I'm definitely excited to see this phone. He is after all one of the creators of android and was leading the android team for nearly a decade.
  • I'm not bothered about something big coming. I'm fed up of oversized phones, give me something smaller, small bezels and a flat screen about 4.7" would be ideal.
  • 4.7" with no bezels would be insanely tiny. You could very comfortably reach a full 5" screen with no bezels, so i'd say 5" can be a minimum, and if its 5.5" or even 6" with no bezels, then its perfect!
  • Please be bezel-less.. Please be bezel-less.. Please be bezel-less.. Please be bezel-less..