Flir for Android Wear

There are several practical applications for relatively inexpensive thermal cameras. The ability to offload processing onto your smartphone, which often has a much better screen and offers a more responsive UI than most mid-range thermal cameras out there, is a great idea. Flir's new One camera takes things one step further if you're an Android Wear user by allowing you to use your watch as the viewfinder and shutter button for the camera, making it possible for you to set your phone up somewhere to monitor an area and record when necessary.

Remote shutter functionality for smartphone camera apps in Android Wear is nothing new, but rarely do you see the watch used as a functional viewfinder. It's most commonly just a shutter button, with a brief glimpse at the photo you took after the fact. Flir's setup is a center-cropped live view through the cameras, with a small shutter button on the bottom of the display. Whatever your current settings are in the Flir One app is what comes through on the viewfinder, and the screen flashes when a picture is taken as confirmation.

The video feed on your wrist is impressively smooth due to the low resolution the cameras capture together, but there's a minimum 5-second delay in the feed on your wrist. Even with that lower resolution, if your Bluetooth connection isn't great you can experience delays as high as 30 seconds from real time. Still, if you're looking at a reason to have a Flir camera around for work this is a feature well worth keeping in mind.