Moto 360

The first big update for Android Wear devices will be to add Wi-Fi support (for those devices which have the hardware to support it) through the allowing notifications to be pushed and Google Now to be used without a Bluetooth connection. In addition to this large update, there will be a few smaller updates rolling out as well, bringing some new features along.

According to The Verge one of the smaller updates will bring gesture support, which will allow scrolling of notifications, Google Now Cards, and other screens to be done without making contact with the devices screen. For example a flick of the wrist will move between notifications, and likely a variety of other gestures as well. Last but not least some tweaks are coming to the UI, which should make it easier to access contacts and applications on the device.

With Android Wear being a relatively new platform, it is great to see Google continuing to support and push forward with new features that will enhance the overall experience of all the devices.

Source: The Verge