Android Wear 2.0 watches from Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and Movado are coming and they look fantastic

If you want your smartwatch to look good while it's doing all the cool things on your wrist, you're going to love what we're seeing from the Baselworld 2017 watch show.

Courtesy of the @AndroidWear Twitter account we get a first look at watches from Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, and Movado that look nothing like any Android Wear 2 watch we've seen before.

Movado has a teaser for the Movado Connect at their website, and we see that the men's version is coming this fall with five bracelet styles. No word on a ladies model or any pricing, but they do tell us to expect over 100 different dial styles.

This fall, Movado will introduce a touchscreen smartwatch that brings midcentury modern design into the new millennium with cutting-edge technology. One of the first watches designed specifically for Android Wear 2.0, this smartwatch features over 100 fascinating dial variations. Each dial explores Movado's iconic single dot design with brilliant new color, dimension, complication, details and day to night transformation.

The Hugo Boss Touch and oddly named Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7You are detailed by Wareable, and they have a bit of information on each:

  • The Hugo Boss Touch comes this August and will check in at $395. Expect to see NFC and Android Pay, but there is no heart rate sensor so Android Fit may be a no-show.
  • The Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7You comes "later this year" and is priced at $299. Band styles include a brown leather and stainless link bracelet, and they say NFC is absent on the TH24/7You.

While Android Wear 2.0 lends itself well to fashion-sport timepieces like the LG Watch Sport this trio of high-end watches show that they can look great, too. We're looking forward to hearing more about these and other new Android Wear devices and expect the lineup to be looking good come summertime.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I will say I want that star watch face from Tommy Hilfiger. I also want to have a long hard talk with whoever was involved with that name...
  • these look pretty good
  • Actually digging the Movado. Need some specs however. I would think with the price being asked all should be included.
  • Same. My wife and I both wear a Museum classic and I would be first in line to get an Android Wear version if they are up to snuff.
  • I am in the same club and VERY interested!
  • Android Police says $495 for the Movado.
  • These watches are going to be off the shelf standardized parts, with unique fashion design.
    Dont expect them to push tech boundaries.
  • That Movado is going to be hot! Since I'm not rolling in dough, hoping that the watch face becomes available somehow.
  • Why are you so awesome?
  • Surprisingly affordable for those brands....
  • It seems as if they all will be missing a basic feature of some sort that should be available in all smart watches.
  • I really like the Movado
  • I'm getting kind of tired of all the watches looking pretty much the same. I'd rather have a wider screen or something that isn't trying to look like ancient technology.
  • Get a couple rubber bands and strap your phone to your rist. What do you want? Timeless technology, not ancient.
  • Wider screen? It's a watch dude, not a flat screen TV.
  • Is it just me or is that Hugo Boss watch the spitting image of the Gear S3 Classic?
  • Wow. That movado watch looks sweet. I want!
  • Nice looking watches. Only downside is Android Wear unfortunately.
  • I thought smart watches were dead A/C?
  • My money says this doesn't change a thing and it's just more companies taking a risk and losing money making smartwatches. They're still pretty, tho.
  • Its standardized tech with off the shelf parts, with Fashion companies (who sell a lot of watches) designing the fashion aspect.
  • I hope your right. I think both Apple and Google were smart with the OS updates and give more of what people want. Wearables are something that takes a lot of trial and error to get right. I just worry that most people aren't ready to pay for the trial and error just yet.
  • I have not purchased a smartwatch for myself (only as gifts) because of the look on my small wrist, but I'm interested in the Movado.