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Android Travel tip: Clocks

I have a tough enough time remembering what day it is when I'm on the road -- never mind trying to figure out time zones. And that's where travel clocks come in. There are a bunch of great ways to keep track of time zones on your Android smartphone.

The picture above is a great three-dimensional world clock in the SPB Shell 3D launcher and homescreen app. It's a pricey $15, but it looks and works great, even showing you which part of the Earth is seeing sunlight.

There are cheaper and simpler options, too. SPB Time is just $4.99. For a free option, World Clock & Widget is another one I've used. And there are plenty of others. Point is, we've got home screens full of widgets. Use 'em.

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Android Travel Tip: Know what time it is


irs pretty simple. If you live on the west coast and are in idaho then you are one hour ahead. Plus phones automatically change time.

So then go to NYC the next day, and over the spain the day after that. If you're not on the road much, you're right, keeping track of time is easy. But as someone who's been woken up at 5am from a phone call, I can tell you that it's not easy for everyone, and having at a glance info of 2+ timezones can be very useful.

I don't know about the $15 app, but the free app would be VERY handy when traveling through GSM counties with a CDMA/LTE Android...

Why is the feedback in Market for SPB Shell 3D launcher so lousy? For $15 I'd hope for better feedback.

Because the first rule of feedback is: People rarely take the time to reply if they don't have something nasty to say. I've started ignoring feedback in the market entirely. Go instead to reviews (either at big sites like this, or on personal blogs)

I got one for Phil and everybody else how about Moxier World? It is free and you get weather with it also. You can add all the cities you want!

and also you can set this app into the beautiful widgets or fancy widget so when you want open it just tap on weather icon date or clock and the moxier world app pop out.

Why not use HTC Sense Clock Widget - World Clock? You can set it up to give time in any city you wish, plus it will give you the time at "home" and your present location? With GingerBread on the EVO, tapping the clock widget opens to the world clock.