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Android Q Beta 5 saves your eyes with new Pixel dark boot animation

What you need to know

  • Android Q Beta 5 includes a new AMOLED black boot animation for Pixel devices.
  • The new black boot animation will be shown when you enable the system-wide dark mode toggle.
  • Going by the release schedule shared by Google earlier this year, Android Q Beta 5 is expected to be rolled out very soon.

The upcoming Android Q Beta 5 will have a new black boot animation that will replace the annoyingly bright boot animation currently on Pixel phones. As can be seen in the video below, the new dark boot animation in Android Q Beta 5 will be a lot easier on the eyes, especially when you have to reboot your phone at night.

As per the XDA Developers report, the dark boot animation will be shown only when you enable the system-wide dark mode toggle. In case the dark mode is not enabled, the regular bright white boot animation will be shown when you reboot your Pixel phone. The AMOLED black boot animation will ensure a more consistent experience when you have the system-wide dark mode enabled on your device. Since the Android Q Beta 5 has not been released yet, it is not possible to test out the new boot animation unless you are among the lucky few individuals who received the update early.

Previous Android Q Beta 5 leaks had shown a new animation when launching the Google Assistant using the gesture navigation mode as well as a "Back Sensitivity" setting. We'll know more about the other changes included in Beta 5 once Google releases it. Even though Google hasn't announced when beta 5 will begin rolling out, it shouldn't take very long for the rollout to commence.

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Babu Mohan
Babu Mohan
  • Mmm, darkness everywhere! #000000
  • Finally google is catching up with other OEMs
  • How about when opening apps as well? Right now I have a dark background on my home screen and I can launch an app that operates in dark mode, but in the 1-3 seconds it takes to open, the screen is white. What's the point of wasting battery life (and hurting our eyes) for blank screens?!?
  • Exactly! It makes it seem like dark mode is just a skin put on top of the regular white theme. Drives me crazy. It's the same on Windows too. Every time I open chrome while in dark mode, a bright flash of white and THEN it goes dark. It's so annoying that I have changed everything to light mode so it looks the same.
  • When will Beta 5 be available for download?
  • It looks inverted. You know like playing a video with inverted colors.
  • Google still needs to fix the opening animations for all their apps. I have the dark theme enabled on every Google app which has the option yet the opening animation for those apps is brighter than the Bat Signal.