Android-Powered 'Alex' E-Book Reader Coming Soon

We've seen Android in so many different platforms already--smartphones, netbooks, MID's, set top boxes--that it's surprising we haven't seen it power an E-book Reader already. Luckily for those who still read, Spring Design has just announced their dual-screen, Android-powered 'Alex' E-book reader that houses two different displays (one with e-ink technology, the other a touchscreen LCD), comes with 3G and Wi-Fi for wireless downloading, and a whole lot of ambition.

We love the idea of having a dual-screen E-book reader since those screens offer completely different experiences, but we're unsure of the execution, it just looks a little convoluted, design-wise, in our eyes. But we're definitely going to keep an eye on Spring Design's 'Alex' E-book Reader because it's simply a great idea in a burgeoning market. Being powered by Android obviously helps.

What do you guys think?


Casey Chan