Android once again dominates smartphone ratings by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports magazine last updated its smartphone ratings in August -- and a lot has changed since then. But one thing that definitely hasn't changed is that Android dominates the ratings. It's almost embarrassing, actually. Here's how it breaks down for the four major U.S. carrier, with positions in parenthesis:

  • Verizon: Motorola Droid X (1), Motorola Droid 2 (2), HTC Droid Incredible (3), LG Ally (4)
  • T-Mobile: Samsung Vibrant (1), HTC myTouch 3G Slide (2)
  • Sprint: HTC Evo 4G (1), Samsung Intercept (2), HTC Hero (3)
  • AT&T: Samsung Captivate (1), HTC Aria (3)

Astounding, actually. Android has the top two rated phones for three out of the four carriers. The only one it didn't have No. 2 on was AT&T -- and that went to the iPhone 3G S, not even the iPhone 4G. In fact, there's a sidebar in which CR writes that it still doesn't recommend the iPhone 4 because of that whole reception thing (though it is actually rated higher than the Captivate, even if it isn't recommended). Be sure the entire breakdown. [Consumer Reports]

  • Its not the iphone 4G. Its the iphone 4. Sorry, but I hate it when people think the iphone has 4G access. Otherwise, go android!
  • Haha I think he was joking because of how simple minded iPhoner's are...they think that it actually is a 4G
  • Hmmm. Joey Pappas, CPJ referred to iPhone 4 as iPhone 4G. Common error, but I was surprised to hear it on a tech podcast.
  • lol, it was hilarious they didnt mention the iphone 3gs....isnt that better than the iphone 3g?
  • It's the 3G S, not the 3G. That was my fault.
  • I find it odd they put the Dinc above the fascinate. Oh well, guess they only look at what it does out of the box..too bad. I've got friends with Dinc and DX's trying to mod their phones to look and perform like my fully modded SF :D
  • Consumer reports is for your average consumer. Stock Fascinate still doesn't have Froyo. Then there's that Bing issue.
  • Don't forget, the SF has the craptastic Bing which turns off a lot of android users. hmmm. But I can't think of anything you can do on the SF that can't be done on the DInc.
  • Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Dinc continues to be one of, if not the, most stable Android handsets on the market. We have DX and D2 users asking how stability is because they are tired of the bugs Froyo brought. The only thing that is appealing about the Galaxy S series is the screen and chipset. But the fact that Sammy makes it basically makes it a no-go for me. I had enough of Samsung after the Instinct. Plus, Bing. 'Nough said.
  • Also amusing is this:
  • I get the feeling that Apple and consumers don't care what CR says, considering how many iPhone 4s were alleged to have been sold so far. Would they have actually sold more if CR recommended it?
  • MOST (upwards of 75%) of the iPhone 4 sales were to upgraders, dumping their out-of-contract 3g and 3Gs phones. When you break down the sales figures published in a lot of places, including past stories here on Android Central, AT&T sold a lot of iphones to be sure. So CR not recommending iphone 4 drove a lot of new smartphone purchasers to Android, and antennagate and glassgate only exacerbated the rush. Apple is eating its own young these days.
  • Not saying i don't believe you, but At&t added 3 million customers Q3. I think a big chunk of those people got the Iphone.
  • Not according to the analysys I've read. The bulk of those got android phones, because they were adding those customers right in the middle of antennagate. Most were customers added from feature phone users with no allegiance to apple. Apple's market share is slipping relative to Android.
  • AT&T attributes most of the new subscribers to the iPhone. Android numbers at AT&T aren't even close to iPhones numbers. Even Verizon's numbers show that Android isn't bringing in enough subscribers to keep pace with AT&T's iPhone subcriptions. At the current rate, AT&T will overtake Verizon to become the largest provider. The iPhone 4 was limited only by production not keeping up with demand. Antennagate hasn't hurt iPhone 4 sales in the least bit. Just the the facts that we all need to face. I also think once the iPhone hits Verizon, Android gains will slow.
  • The ONLY & ONLY thing i like about the iPhone is the higher res the screen has. Other wise I'll choose my Evo any day!!!! Android Is the best!
  • Cause Android offers the most choices of hardware. Almost every devices offers their own unique features. I love my Droid 2, big screen, high res, with the better keyboard.
  • There is no way they put the samsung intercept above the samsung epic 4g on Sprint. Typo? I love my EVO but give credit where credit is due (isn't the intercept 480x320? C'mon!!)
  • They rated the HTC Hero above the Epic 4G too and the Epic is worlds better than the Hero. Very very odd.
  • As of this moment (5:40PM Pacific time), Epic 4G is CR's top rated phone on Sprint: #1 Samsung Epic 4G
    #2 HTC Evo 4G
    #3 Samsung Intercept Maybe it was late-breaking news or a math error?
  • Where is Epic 4G????? I think we can all agree it deserves at least #2 in Sprint rankings. CNET voted it the best Android smartphone currently available and it doesn't even make the cut here? WTF?
  • They say iPhone 4g meaning iPhone 4 generation. No?
  • Yeah, Evo takes out the Epic...Evo ftw...go Android.
  • The Samsung Fascinate should have definately been in the top 4 despite not having Froyo yet! It should have at least beat the Incredible. The battery life on that thing is like an hour and half! :) Well, we all know what they say about "opinions"....everyones got one!
  • There are a couple phones missing from this lineup - namely the Epic 4G and the Fascinate. Now that I think about it, I'm wondering if they were released too late to make this ranking...
  • I wish consumer reports would make a report about the Samsung Moment for all the people that got stuck with that piece of crap. They need to cover that like the deathgrip on the iPhone. Seriously, that phone is probably the biggest fail for Samsung and Android, and Cunsumer Reports hasn't done anything about it.
  • I've got a Captivate, my wife has an Aria. CR got its recommendations backwards. I can't imagine recommending a stock Captivate over the Aria. Unrooted, the Samsung firmware is unbearably laggy. The RFS filesystem is simply crap, and hobbles the fabulous hardware underneath. The Aria is smooth, responsive, and much more stable out of the box. The only time I recommend a Galaxy S phone to someone is when I take the time to explain how to root and apply a lagfix, which while not rocket science, is not for newbies, and has the downside of voiding your warranty. For the average consumer, the Galaxy S line is a recipe for frustration (and a terrible ambassador for the Android platform) until Samsung fixes the lag problems.
  • Itoo was surprised about the lack ofthe Epic, but perhaps it was released to late to be included. I keep thinking I'm leaning towards that phone, but I *Really* dislike the power connector on the top f the phone. That was a really bad Engineering decision. Plus I think I like the Sense UI... I assume that the Evo will be upgradeable to 2.3, and possibly beyond? After all, it's already somethink ike 6 months old, that's a half-life in phone years :-)
  • Hey Phil, you have new email...
  • Anyone that has a Galaxy S device will tell you the Bing issue is really a non-issue. It takes all of two seconds to put a Google widget on your homescreen and use that as your search engine. I don't know why the Bing issue still comes up after all this time, other than non-GalaxyS owners not knowing any better.
    As for the so-called "lag" issue. Not all Galaxy S phones have a lag problem. My Fascinate doesn't and I know a number of other Galaxy S owners that don't have a lag problem on their phones either. But like you mentioned, there's an extremely easy fix for those that do have lag. While there's not a "perfect" phone on the market, the Galaxy S is certainly at the top of the list when it comes to a great smartphone.
  • It just shows that better specs and screens don't make everyone want it, the Evo is still one of the hottest phone out right now. Maybe this will show hardcore high end device users can now see that not everyone wants the best, but something they can be just comfortable with. Not dogging the epic or iphone4 as i think they are both great phones in there own way., I'm just tired of the same people saying how much better it is over the Evo and try to steer people away from buying it.
  • In the updated ratings, Epic edges out EVO 76 points to 74 points, which is basically a tie. They dinged the EVO a bit compared with the Epic for voice quality and battery life, but something else must have compensated. :-)
  • This makes me proud to be a EVO owner!
  • Some of these ratings are copied wrong from CR. I've got a paid subscription with them and this is what they have: ATT:
    1. iP4 and Captivate tied for first place (iP4 still isn't recommended though)
    2. iPhone 3GS
    3. HTC Aria Sprint:
    1. Epic
    2. Evo
    3. Intercept T-Mo:
    1. Vibrant
    2. G2
    3. myTouch 3G Verizon:
    1. Droid X
    2. Fascinate
    3. Droid 2
  • Interesting! Thanks for the update jayhammy (this looks much more realistic)