Though it's a little late to the party, the second Android N Developer Preview release is now available for the Nexus Player. The update was announced by Android Developer Advocate Ian Lake, who notes that the release moves the build number up to NPC91O.

Android N Developer Preview 2 heads out to Nexus Player

According to Lake, there are a few Nexus Player-specific issues to be aware of after installing, however:

  • Playback of Netflix HD content may fail on Nexus Player.
  • Any application that relies on dynamic video resolution changes may fail on Nexus Player.
  • Any application that use the VP9 video codec may fail on Nexus Player.
  • Vulkan: SPIR-V shaders may trigger driver asserts.
  • Vulkan: Some pipeline configurations may cause vkCreateGraphicsPipeline() to crash.

If that looks like a hefty list of issues, it bears repeating that the Android N Preview is aimed squarely at developers. Still, if you're interested, you can grab the latest factory image from Google now. Also be sure to check out our look at everything new in the Android N preview so far.

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