Android Market Gets A New Look ?

It might just be us, but we've always thought Android Market looked a little too 'beta' for our tastes. We love the simplicity it offers but have been itching for a redesign for quite some time now. But worry no more, because a Motorola Sholes User has leaked what looks like a fresh new Android Market and we like what we see.

In the new design, there are clear options to show the Top Paid, Top Free, and Just In applications. There's also a new search icon in the top right corner. Overall, Android Market remains the same, it's just that key points of the UI have been brought to the forefront (and in a much cleaner way). Instead of being buried in menus, everything looks to be much more intuitive.

We like it, what about you guys? Are you happy with the current design of Android Market?


  • Finally. The Market was probably the weakest point. If they add screenshots i'll be happy. This looks to be a huge improvement over what we currently have.
  • I for one am glad to see such an update coming to The Market. It always bothered me having to sift through all the paid apps that I had no intention of buying. Now all we need is some sort of online solution a la the iTunes app store. I don't mind browsing apps on my G1, but it'd be nice if I could just use my 23" monitor instead.
  • @jdschrock
    go here: you can't buy/download it from here, but at least you can browse and find an app you are looking for...
  • @jdschock & @ Anonymous (Me)
    I forgot, Cyrket also has QR bar codes so you can quickly download the app to your phone once you fine one you like.
  • hangon, these screenshots have the same height/width ratio as the 320x480 screens that all other android phones have, but the pics and specs of the sholes have had a more elongated 480x854 screen, does this mean simply that the person taking the pic isn't using the sholes? or more excitingly does it mean the sholes has undergone a significant redesign since the last info leaked out?
    if it's the latter then hopefully they havent made the screen smaller but hopefully they have made the phone sexier
  • Holy Sh!t Carig, good eye detective!
    I never would have noticed the dimensions difference! Not that you mention it, I'm thinking the above screenshot could NOT have come from the Sholes. As far as I knew (things may have changed) but the only way to get a screenshot is with the Screenshot app which REQUIRES a rooted phone.
    So. Is the above pic from the Sholes, or not? Or is it from a rooted G1/MyTouch with ... some ... I dunno, special feature?
    I'm now more confused over this.
  • If you look carefully at the black border, you will see that it has a different width at the top and bottom, and left and right, which shows that these are not snapshots downloaded directly from a phone, but instead photographs taken somewhat crookedly, and then cropped from a black background. The actual image files are 270 x 399 which proves it too. With respect to content of the image and its height to width ratio, my guess is that it is from the Morrison, and that the person that leaked this had an email address of or signed the email with something like that.
  • O wow this is amazing... looks very good. Can't wait to get it. =)
  • This is great news!