Material Design

As part of the first look at the Android L Developer Preview at Google I/O 2014, Google's Matias Duarte, introduced the brand new "Material Design" that we'll see when we fire it up for the very first time. It isn't just skin deep though immediately you see the flatter look and all new geometric on screen buttons. But Material Design goes beyond this, with a content focused approach and a bunch of new things app developers can do with it.

For example, developers will be able to specify a layer dimension and the rest of the user interface will render accordingly. The system font, Roboto, has been updated and the touch response of Material Design is as though you were touching real world objects such as paper and ink. It also means you can start designing an app for the phone but quickly and easily carry it across to tablets and even laptops.

Pictures can tell a story, too, and Duarte was all too pleased to show off a before and after image of Google's own Gmail app.

Material Design will bring a new set of unified style guidelines and with Polymer, web app developers are able to carry the very same design across as they could in Android 'L.' Impressive stuff.

The Google I/O keynote continues so be sure to join us in the liveblog!