Android L preview

Preview of next Android version lands alongside SDKs

As promised during the Google I/O keynote yesterday, Google has released developer preview builds for the next version of Android — currently known only as Android "L" — for developers to test on the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013, Wifi-only). The system images are available now through Android Developers site, linked below, though you'll need to know your way around a command line to flash them onto your phone or tablet of choice.

Today Google also launched the preview SDK for Android L, as well as the final SDK for Android Wear, meaning developers can start getting apps ready for the new Android version, as well as new Android-powered watches.

It's unclear at this early stage how stable the Android L preview release actually is. In a developer session at I/O yesterday, Google's Chet Haase described L as "a preview release where things work pretty well, but it's not done yet." Some features or third-party apps might not be fully functional, so you may want to hold off flashing if you need a completely reliable phone or tablet.

That said, we're excited to get stuck into the next release of Android with this unprecedented early developer preview from Google.


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