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Android DictionaryThere are a lot of terms and Android abbreviations out there -- so many that we don't blame if you you're sometimes left wondering what it is we're talking about.

From ADB to OTA, from SDK to .apk, from JIT to GSM to CDMA ... well, you see where we're going with this.

And so, we've worked up a handy little dictionary to help clear things up. It's all there at

And we're always adding to this thing. If you've got something you think we've left out and should be added, let us know in the forums here.

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The Android Dictionary


All phones *should* be described as high end, Mid range or Low end, made by____, available via what carrier and then display a brief list of specs, in my opinion.

Hmmm. The Eris is listed as the US version of the Hero. The Hero is listed as a phone released by Verizon as the Eris. Also known as the G2? Were you drinking while making this dictionary? Did we forget about the SPRINT HERO, released before the Eris? The Sprint Hero was the first US phone to offer Flash.