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Date and time settingsAs North America prepares to "fall back" from Daylight Saving Time (and that's the correct name for it, by the way) at 2 a.m. local time Sunday morning, we need to make sure everything is ready to go -- including our Android phones.

In theory, there's nothing we need do to get our phones ready.  The OS should handle the time change on its own, but it's always best to be prepared and have a backup plan.

On your Android phone, tap the menu button, then settings, then scroll way down to the Date & time settings. Make sure Automatic (Use network-provided values) is checked.  If you need to set a different time (our readers in Indiana might have to do this) you can change back Sunday morning when you wake up -- let the network and OS make the switch automatically to keep things from fouling up.

If you rely on your phone as your alarm clock, be smart and use another method for a day, just in case.  This is especially important in the fall, as a malfunction would cause the alarm to go off an hour late.  And finally, change those smoke detector batteries! 

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Reader comments

Preparation for the Dalightly Saving Time switch


No. If you have your alarm set to go off at 7am, and the clock doesn't "fall back", it'll go off at (7am), but due to your clock not falling back the rest of the world will be at 8am. :P

GOD I wish we would drop this insane time changing scheme and just stay on savings time all the time. There, got it off my chest.

Just to let you guys know - the UK changed Sunday gone and my HTC Desire handled the time change without a problem.

Seems only Apple users got caught out ;)

Indiana adopted Daylight Saving Time in 2006. Regardless, if you have your phone set to Automatic, basically it relies that the carrier's software at the tower is up-to-date and correct for that timezone.

My Droid OG did, too. But then it corrected itself by hopping forward an hour from what it had, so I'm guessing someone at Verizon got a little overzealous.

My Droid X didn't fix itself until I followed the instructions here and verified that it was already set for automatic. It said it was 9am, but it was really 10am. Luckily, I wasn't noticeably late to rehearsal, but it was still annoying to know I can't rely on my Droid to wake me up on time.

My Evo time is ok. I live in Arizona, we don't change time.
However, my texting is all messed up. Even if it's from someone
in my same city. I have changed it to Arizona time, but still the texting received time is off by an hour. So if I send a text at 3:01 and my husband text right back, it show 2:02. Any ideas?